QST---Is QST included in Inventory or asset costs?

I am not in Quebec, but have sold items to a customer in Quebec so I am suppose to charge QST to the customer.  Question: when I pay QST on the item I purchased to resell-do I include QST as the inventory cost or is it like GST and can get it refunded to me as what they call ITR?

I am confused Federal Canada government sites say No, but not clear from Quebec sites.

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  • Here is some insight to your problem from this site: https://www.taxtips.ca/pst/outofprovincesellers.htm

    What tax does my business have to charge when shipping to another province?

    Generally speaking, a vendor should register to collect the PST of another province if they have a business presence (e.g. office, salespeople) in that province. If the vendor does not have a business presence in a province to which they are shipping, it is usually the responsibility of the buyer of the goods to remit the provincial sales tax. For more information on individual provinces, see below.

    f. HST Provinces Out-of-Province Vendors

    All vendors who are registered to collect GST are automatically registered to collect HST. A GST registrant in a non-HST province who sells goods which are delivered to an HST province must collect the HST. A registrant in an HST province who sells goods which are delivered to a non-HST province would collect only the GST, not the HST. For GST and HST rates see the GST and HST page.

    To charge the QST you must be registered.

    Hope this helps