New account statement feature broken?

In BV2018 there are some new options to print account statements:

Only include when:

    Current balance exceeds credit limit

    Balance is more than

    Aged balance is

These are checkbox options, and by default none of them are checked. I had 3 clients print their account statements this month, and each time with these default settings an email went out to every Customer account that had the email option set for account statements, and for the customers with a $0.00 balance they just got a broken blank account statement form with no data in it. Or at least this is true for the ones with unlimited credit limit, I just realised I didn't test any with a credit limit myself. 

Regardless, it seemed that if we checked the 'Current balance exceeds' option, the account statements were sent out normally with only customer that had a balance receiving it. Problem is you don't want to rely on the user remembering to check that option every month, so we're probably going to see this happen more often.

I thought maybe I could just open the account statement .rpt file in the Report Designer and nuke those parameters, but I don't see them anywhere in the parameter list or record select option? The Balance option takes a number, so there should be a > comparison somewhere in there, but I don't see anything of the sort.