Copy button greyed out in Bill of Material

We use BusinessVision 2014.  

We want to be able to copy a bill of material from one warehouse to another warehouse. But the 'copy' button is greyed out.  Is there a way to turn it on? Or is there another way to copy a bill of material?

Thanks in advance,


  • Hello,

    There is a way to use the copy button in Bill of Materials. First step is to create the manufactured or kitted part number in the other warehouse. Make sure the Inventory type is set to either Kitted or Manufactured. Then open the Bill of Materials module and select the newly created manufactured or kitted part number from the target warehouse. Select a category on the lower left area, then press TAB (about 4 times) to pass through the Yield and Lead Time fields and icon. The Copy button should now be available. Click the Copy button and BusinessVision will prompt you to specify the source Bill of Material. Select the source Bill of Material and click Yes to begin the copy. The details from the source Bill of Materials will now be in the target Bill of Materials. Click Save to save changes.