Business Vision 2017 Email Errors

We have a client that has upgraded from the 2001 BusinessVision to 2017.

I fixed their custom reports and validated the data for them they have been working fine.

For a few weeks, they were using the form and email setting for Customers (They used to use MAPI) and were liking the option to email the form.

Yesterday the emails started to send automatically - no more preview of the form This happened with Quotes as well.

For the Quotes, every quote that the Customer ever had was attached to the email.

For now, I have them set the options to Form only. When opened both open properly (both use the same form for email).

The export to pdf and application works properly (not seeing quotes from the beginning of time) .  Then the old method of sending the file from Adobe and pasting in the email address works.

As a precaution, I set up Outlook to prompt for allow or deny on sending.

Any suggestions on what may have changed or how to fix this?