• Gmail and sending invoices

    We just recently changed up from using BV Delta to Sage BusinessVision.

    I just got the email setup working for sending invoices, etc via our Gmail account.

    The question I have, is that the OLD invoices imported into the system do not seem to want to be…

  • Reports -top 10 vendors this year....

    I need a report  for top 10 vendors- I got the report in "Vendor" but I am not sure if the report is based on calendar year or fiscal year. Below is the question that I have to answer to our Accountant, 

    1. We need a summary of vendor purchases…
  • Invoice - do not want certain items that we charge the customer showing up in the sales report

    We charge certain import charges to our customer and we do not want them to show up in the sales report.  It throws our sales off.

    Since they are actually not a sale item.

    They are going to the correct G/L, but they show up on the sales report.

    Need your…

  • Opening balance entry that shouldn't be there.

    I have an opening balance that shows up on my trial balance but I didn't make the entry.  There is no entry showing in the GL, but an amount shows up on the trial balance. Anyone know how to fix this?

  • Account Statements no longer produce negative balance statements?

    I have always produced account statements for active customers regardless of whether they owe me or I owe them or their balance is zero. BV2018 appears to only produce statements for those who owe me. The Aged Receivables report still shows all so I know…

  • AP Cheque Report

    We have just turned on the cheque printing function for the first time, and our cheques are printing with funny wording.  Instead of the line that should read "Three Hundred Dollars" it is reading "*Three*Zero*Zero* Dollars".  Logged…

  • New account statement feature broken?

    In BV2018 there are some new options to print account statements:

    Only include when:

        Current balance exceeds credit limit

        Balance is more than

        Aged balance is

    These are checkbox options, and by default none of them are checked. I had 3 clients…

  • Exporting from Sales Analysis


    When I export from sales analysis, if searching by Order/PO the system will remember the attributes I wish to export.  

    However, the system does not remember what I wish to export when searching by invoice number.

    Can this be fixed?


  • Business Vision 2017 Email Errors

    We have a client that has upgraded from the 2001 BusinessVision to 2017.

    I fixed their custom reports and validated the data for them they have been working fine.

    For a few weeks, they were using the form and email setting for Customers (They used to…

  • Microsoft Outlook for emailing

    can anyone tell me which versions of Outlook email BV supports for emailing A/R and A/P? Thanks

  • Where do I find "average days to pay" to include it in a report?

    I'm looking in the Database Expert for which Table to find "average days to pay" in and I can't find it.  Does anyone know which table it's located in, and what it's called?



  • Report Designer

    Where can I find the instrustions to fix Report Designer when it doesn't open reports properly?

  • Can't export to PDF

    I have a Windows 7 PC that is connected via Terminal Server 2008R2 that won't export to PDF.  I've tried the steps here:


  • Crystal Reports: Exporting to Excel


    I am trying to create a report that is just a single line of information for each customer.  I've suppressed all headers and footers.  There is just one line for details with the database fields that I need.  When I run the report it looks great…

  • Hours on timesheets

    hi I am needing the hours worked per pay period to show up on the timesheet. I need a ytd for mechanics for their apprenticeship. The only way to get these is to

    add up the individual paycheque. Very time consuming. how can I do this?