payroll stand alone

hi is there anyway that we can only get the payroll updates. thinking of switching to another account inventory program but still need to use the payroll only in bv.

also, how do I set up the accounts so that when doing a owners cheque, the net pay is zero. how do I set it up so that the bank account is not effected?

  • Hi Derby,

    You have to be on a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Plan in order to get the Payroll Update Plan option. You cannot get the Payroll Update Plan alone.

    When doing an owners cheque, I know that you can set the E.I Factor to be 0 and the C.P.P Exempt checkbox to be enabled to not deduct CPP or EI, however, I believe owners still have to deduct Federal/Provincial tax. You can call support at 800-215-5395 and an analyst can look at your specific setup and give you suggestions.