Invoice line shows N/C for lot price items

We have clients who are charged lot pricing, but have multiple invoice lines to outline the scope of the work done. Currently when I invoice, the lines that don't show the price come out as N/C (no charge), and the lot price is at the bottom item line.  Is there a way to have the N/C just blank, and the lot price on the final line? It's confusing for the client thinking those items are free. Because of the nature of our work, we usually use MISC items with a description as we don't have common items, every job has different descriptors. 

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    Go into reports designer and open the invoice that you are using to edit it.

    in the last column of the row details "A" (section 4) try to right click on the no charge string (you may have to temporarily move the extended price string to do this) click on format field, then check the suppress box click okay. move the extended price back to where it was and save. Now the N/C will not show up at all. if this works for you let us all know as it worked for myself just testing it.