Tips and Tricks: Adding Dynamic Messages to Your Sales Invoice

Remember the days of "Broadcast Messages" in BusinessVision 32? These were messages that can be printed on forms and can easily be changed on the fly when needed. We part way with this when the Report Designer was introduced into Sage BusinessVision.

There is a clever work-around you can implement to get this feature back by using Microsoft Excel and making a small modification to your form. In this example we'll be modifying an invoice form.

1. Open Microsoft Excel and create a new workbook.

2. Remove worksheet 2 and 3 and rename worksheet 1 to “Broadcast Messages”.  Use the first row as the heading for the broadcast message.  This example, we will create a broadcast message for the invoice form.  Type the text that you would like printed on the invoice form below the heading.  Save the excel file to your data folder.

3.  Enter the Report Designer from within Sage BusinessVision and open the invoice form.

4. Go to Database Expert and select Access/Excel (DAO) 

5. Specify the path to the Excel file created in step 2 for Database Name and select Excel 8.0 for Database Type.  Select Finish.

6. The Excel file will be listed in the tree, double-click on “Broadcast Messages” to add the table to the report.  Select OK.

7. Click OK at the Visual Linking window, no linking is required.

8. Click OK to the message below.

9. The broadcast message will now be available to be added onto the invoice form.

10. When invoices are printed the broadcast message will be printed on the form.

11. Now when ever you want to change that message you would open the Excel file and change it there.