See What We Added for Sage BusinessVision 2018

We are excited to announce the availability of Sage BusinessVision 2018. With this version, we added enhancements that will give you flexibility with emailing forms as well as giving you more control over your sales taxes.

 Control How Emailed Forms Are Sent

  • In additional to using Outlook to send forms, you can now use your webmail account to send forms (Gmail,, Yahoo, and an option to manually configure for other webmail providers).
  • You can now specify your own subject line for emails.
  • You can add custom messages to the email body when sending forms.

Customer Details

  • Account Statement, Invoice, Quote and Order Confirmation can now be configured to be sent to different email addresses for the customer as oppose to only the default.

Vendor Details

  • Purchase order can now be configured to be sent to a different email address for vendor as oppose to only the default.

Canadian Sales Tax Enhancements

  • You can now setup customer groups to be used to define exemptions for Sales Tax 2 (i.e. P.S.T.) when calculating Canadian sales taxes. 
  • Up to 60 different tax groups can be defined.

General Ledger

  • More control over warnings when A/R, A/P or GL transactions are backdated into prior fiscal period or postdated into future fiscal period.

Account Statements Form/Report

  • When printing account statement, additional options are available to report on only customers whom balance exceed their credit limit, exceed a specified threshold amount you specify or with outstanding balance beyond the specified aging period.

Download instructions

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Log on" and sign in with your credentials.
  3. Click the "My Downloads" link located near the top right and select Sage BusinessVision.
  4. Under "Latest products", click the Sage BusinessVision 2018 link that corresponds with the edition you have.
  5. Click the "Download now" button to begin the download.

Note: You will need to enter new serial number and activation code during the installation of Sage BusinessVision 2018. You can obtain this information by logging into the Sage Customer Portal ( Alternatively you can email Sage BusinessVision Customer Support ([email protected]) to request your activation code.

Please refer the accompanied PDF (New Features in Sage BusinessVision 2018 v7.9) for more details on these exciting enhancements. For installation instruction see our Knowledge Base Article ID: 84969

New Features in Sage BusinessVision 2018 (v7.9).pdf