Sage BusinessVision 2015 Product Update 1 (v7.74A) - NOW AVAILABLE

Product Update 1 for Sage BusinessVision 2015 is now available for download from the online knowledge base.

The following are changes in Sage BusinessVision 2015 (v7.74A)

100309 – Instant Cheques did not print the country in the address.

100310 – The Find utility exported multiple sets of inventory detail records for items with multiple units of measure that matched the search criteria.

100311 – The Point of Sale module did not reset the part number and quantity entry fields when the user has "User Access | Point of Sale | Change unit prices" set to “No” and "User Access | Point of Sale | Default quantity for normal mode" set to “1” after a line item was successfully entered.

100312 – The “Daily Sales Summary by Payment Method” report displayed duplicate lines for payments made in a foreign currency after a currency revaluation was performed.
How to Download
  1. Navigate to
  2. Click Login near the top right and login with your User ID and Password.
  3. If you own multiple Sage products, select Sage BusinessVision on the left under My Products
  4. Click the Download software tab and under Product updates click Download Sage BusinessVision 2015 Product Update 1 (v7.74A) to open the download article.

  5. Within the download article for the update, click Download Now to download using the download manager or click direct download if your are having difficulty with the download manager.

How to Install

Although the update process does not impact or modify your data, it is always recommended that you make a backup of your data prior to performing an update of your Sage BusinessVision software.

  1. Ensure Sage BusinessVision is NOT running on the computer.
  2. Double-click on the update file (sagebusinessvision2015-7.74a.exe) your downloaded.
  3. Following the on screen instructions to install the update.
  4. Ensue the update is  installed on all computers running Sage BusinessVision.