• bank reconciliation current month transation showing as outstanding matched beyond end date

    Nov 30 entires for Nov month, showing matched beyond the date. 

    and there is unresolved. 

    not able to manual clear/match


  • Unable to Match Receipts with Rolled up Deposits


    Using Sage 50 Premium Accounting (Release 2021.1).

    I have currently started using the MATCHING TRANSATIONS module.

    We currently perform a lump sum deposit weekly.

    Then clear the outstanding invoices in the RECEIPTS module a few days later when…

  • Reversed and adjusted entries showed as outstanding in Bank reconciliation

    Reversed and adjusted entries showed as outstanding in Bank reconciliation. 

    Selected "do not show corrections" doesn't hide those entries. 

    The amount of those entries were added to the "Unresolved" 

    had to manually click to make…

  • Lingering unresolved amount in reconciliations

    I have an account with an "unresolved" amount showing on the reconciliation screen that has carried over from when someone else was handling the books, due most likely to missed/erroneous entries.  At our fiscal year end in Feb 2019 that account…

  • Negative Unresolved credit card statement from previous fical year adjustment

    Hi there,

    When reconciling my credit card statement, I have a negative unresolved amount that was a YE adjustment from my accountants the previous fiscal year. Is the unresolved to show zero before I post or do I have to resolve this prior to posting…

  • Cleared cheque #1 from reconciliation thinking it was cheque #2, now need to reissue #1

    We issued a handful of sequential cheques in identical amounts in September for increases to our rent.

    When I did the November bank reconciliation, I mistakenly marked cheque #1 as cleared, when in fact it was #2 that had been cashed.

    This wouldn't have…

  • Bank Reconciliation Resolved amount

    I have a resolved amount of -$9829.88.. but no discrepancies or unresolved amounts. Is this going to cause problems down the road, what can I do?

    What causes this?

  • Visa statement overlapping two different months

    My visa statement runs from the 2nd of one month to the 3rd of the next month. Do I always enter these transactions from the first few days of the next month even though they are not my normal monthly reconciliation I use for the regular bank account…

  • How to Delete a Bank Reconciliation? on sage50 Canada

    Help please,

    I am almost positive my Sage50 bank reconciliation has glitched in some way. I attempted to reconcile the account with my bank statement - everything matches up.

    I have the correct:
    statement start date;
    statement end date;
    statement end b…

  • Reconciliation for Previous Year Not Closed, Transactions Show in January Statement


    In attempting to reconcile January 2019, I've realized that the Reconciliation Report 'START DATE' is December 1, 2018. The only issue is that I already closed off 2018. Now, Reconciliation & Deposits shows Last month end balance, along with last…

  • Bank recs posted even though they were not correct

    I took over accounting from someone who clearly did not know what they were doing.  I have compared the G/L bank account with the bank statements, and having gone back 3 months now, the bank account closing balance in Sage is out by a large amount each…

  • Bank Reconciliation warnings

    I don't understand why I am getting this warning when trying to check off a deposit.

  • First Credit Card Reconciliation

    I am doing my first ever credit card reconciliation in Sage 50 but when I clear everything it gives me an unresolved amount which is the same as my opening balance, Outstanding is 0.00.

    I saw a previous post that said to adjust the opening balance to…

  • Credit Card Reconciliation - Technical Error with Moneris

    Our credit card processing service had a technical error communicating with our accounting software back in February.  Sage Exchange gave us an error when processing a credit card transaction and didn’t give us an approval code. I processed the transaction…

  • Bank Reconciliation for next month transactions (bi-weekly pay)

    Hi all, hoping someone can help me here. This is my first year using Sage, and my bank reconciliations have worked great until now. 

    We switched to a bi-weekly pay schedule, with the hours to midnight Saturday being paid out on the following Friday. Example…

  • Process Bank Rec from prior year

    I started the new year before I processed the December 2016 bank recs.  I can't change my session date back to December 31st so can i process the Dec Bank Rec  in the January session date? The warning tells me it will affect my prior year reports and…

  • Account Reconciliation

    Can someone help me please! I use Sage 50 Premium Accounting CA and I am doing my Account Reconciliation for the first time. My opening balance and end balance are correct. Here is my problem... My opening balance matches my unresolved $20,892.26 but…

  • Bank reconciliation issue version 2016.2.1 running windows 10.

    I am having an issue with bank reconciliation. Sage 50 (2016.2.1) is crashing after closing the bank reconciliation windows. I upgraded to Windows 10 recently nd this is going on since then. Anyone have an idea? Thanks

  • Reconciliation with personal...

    Good morning everybody,

    I have a slight problem, hoping it can be easily fixed!

    I'm doing a bank rec for the business bank account and everything equals out and reconciles...

    Except one personal purchase was made aswell :/ for $175.

    How can I reconcile…

  • New to Sage, payroll error & bank reconciliation

    The amount paid to the employee is $25 less than it shows on his paycheck, I didn't realize that till now. That happened in December, and I am doing bank reconciliation now. The employee was paid the additional $25 by cash. The owner is self employed…