• How can I reset a password for an updated company?

    So this company was updated and I was not prompted to create a password or username. Now I am trying to open said company and it is requiring a password and username. Is there anyway I can get into it without these credentials, or can I reset the password…

  • Daily Business Manager Sales Invoices Date

    I use the Daily Business Manager to process sales invoices that are recurring from month to month. However, some of these invoices are not used in the summer months. When I go to process them again in the daily business manager after the summer, I right…

  • Owner used own funds((interact) to pay for expenses Sage 50 Canadian edition

    owner used his own personal bank account to pay(interact) for some opening expenses on new business he has opened. A account that I will not be reconciling. He did this before a seperate bank account and visa were set up. This a partnership. How would…

  • write off tools

    How Can you write off tool expense in Sage 50, expense account damaged tools.?

    Thank you in advance

  • how to add informatic equipment to company's inventory

    Hello, new at Sage 50!  In the process of entering company's invoices and all for the last year.  A laptop was purchased, how do we add it to the company's inventory? No purchase order, purchased cash at Future Shop

    Thank you

  • Automatic payroll deductions not working - New user

    New to Sage 50 Canadian Edition, formerly used QB Pro.

    When processing payroll, the program is not automatically calculating EI, CPP, Fed Taxes, even with historic amounts added.  What am I doing wrong?

    Aroma Meze

  • cancel cheque from old year

    in March (previous fiscal year) we posted an invoice and cheque; it did not clear in March and so is carried over into the new fiscal year. in the meantime we have reconciled the March bank, closed the 2015 year and opened 2016. Now in April we are informed…

  • Unable to delete a PO

    Hello everybody, need your help here.

    First, I'm using Sage 50 Quantum 2013.

    So here's the problem ;

    I'm trying to flush 2 PO out of our system but they don't want to go. Here's the error I get :

    "Sage 50 can not find the stock part…

  • Uploading Transactional Data into Sage 50 - CSV or XLS?

    Hi all,

    Can Sage 50 import transactional data (mainly AP invoice details) if it was in a CSV or XLS format?

    I currently use an OCR capture software to gather the invoice details (and upload it into a cloud based document mgmt system), but I would like…