• How to record

    Hello,  I had 3 customers send money through e-transfer, those transfers were intercepted by "someone" and the money is gone.  Do I just write these invoices off or is there a different way I should show what happened.

    Thanks, Karen 

  • I need help with intercompany payments

    Can someone please help. I do the books for a small corporation but I am not a real experienced.  The owner has started another small reno business which will be operating under the same Business Number as an "umbrella company". On one of the reno jobs…

  • When will the new tax table updated for 2023? We can start to run Jan P1 , 2023?

    Just wonder when will Sage have the new tax table updates for 2023? And we can start to run 2023 payroll?

  • reversed reciepts and now cant pay bills that say they are already paid, and cant unpay them either

    as the title suggests I reversed a few reciepts and now the system is saying I have two paid invoices with journal entries but I cannot click the journals as all I get is " There is no data to report" so now I cant properly reconcile either of these bills…

  • How to input gas/fuel purchases


    I am new to the community and having difficulties inputting the fuel/gas purchases I have, as there is not an inventory number showing up pertaining to this category. If anyone knows the inventory number that coincides with the fuel/gas purchase…

  • Sales Journal - debiting a payable

    Hi. In the Sales Journal, is it be possible to set up a transaction to debit a payable, instead of Cash or A/R? We am attempting to do the following transactions in Sage 50 2019 Canadian Edition:

    1) Increase the size of petty cash for our shop; and


  • Tax Codes calculation

    I have entered my HST Tax  under Setup → Settings → Company → Sales Tax with Tax Code rate of "13" for 13 percent, however, when I enter an invoice in the purchasing module it is calculating the tax at 11.5 percent.  Can someone…

  • Reverse a transaction

    I am trying to reverse this transaction.

    I have looked up correction and reverse, but none of them seem to let me in the assembly function.

    Any guidance would be appreciated.

  • have reconciliation negative discrepancy -1 st time reconciling

    I have recently asked about doing a reconciliation for the first time in Sage 50 accounting .Hasnt been done since 2018. I did as informed, by picking a month ,I picked oct . I have gotten it to where the outstanding and unresolved are at zero but my…

  • Entering HST/Payroll remittance bills/refunds into SAGE, showing account money transfer in bank accounts in SAGE COA's

    hello, I have 2 questions/scenarios. Hopefully their simple answers

    1) When I input a HST or Payroll remittance bill balance; do I put it under venders/purchases and create the bill? What if its a remittance ends up being a refund from the CRA? How do…

  • What is the proper procedure to enter a credit card purchase?

    This seems so elementary but I am really struggling with this. So here's what I've done and where I am getting stuck:

    1. I purchased a small downloadable software product (basically a software license, called Software A) that cost $50 using my Visa…
  • Daily Business Manager Sales Invoices Date

    I use the Daily Business Manager to process sales invoices that are recurring from month to month. However, some of these invoices are not used in the summer months. When I go to process them again in the daily business manager after the summer, I right…

  • Paystub portal integration options for Sage 50 CA

    Do you process payroll using Sage 50 CA and are you looking to provide your employees with access to their pay history whereby they can print off paystubs etc.?

    Do You Still Distribute Paper Paystubs?

    You likely spend a lot of time printing & folding…

  • How to modify the hourly wage in Sage 50 CA

    As of June 1st, 2019, the minimum wage rate has increased for the province of British Columbia. Wondering how to account for this in Sage 50 CA?

    If you subscribe to a Sage 50 CA Business Care plan you'll have access to the payroll module.

    • Note: You…
  • Quick Tips for adjusting and transferring inventory in Sage 50 CA

    Do you need to adjust inventory? Did something get damaged? Or do you need to transfer an item to another location? We've got some handy Quick TIPS and resources for you below on how to handle common scenarios.


    Handy tip #1: The Inventory summary…

  • 4 Tips for helping Small business optimize income

    For people who start, run, or work in a small business taxes play a big role in your day to day life. It can be one of the biggest expenses a company faces.

    The tips we've highlighted below are based on Author Jane Barratt's Lynda.com video series…

  • How to setup Payments in Outlook new to release 2019.0

    Prior to the 2019.0 release, you could already configure your Sage 50 CA to accept online payments from customers via secure payment providers Stripe and PayPal.


    With this feature,  an email is sent to clients providing a Pay Now button for direct payment…

  • How secure is your mobile device for managing business accounting?

    There are mobile device security practices that "everybody should do and nobody should ignore" says Drew the binary blogger on the Security in 5 podcast episode 278

    "Mobile devices have become as powerful if not more powerful than some PCs…

  • Got Sage 50cloud? Setup up the new Invoice Payments feature!

    What is the new Invoice Payments feature in Sage 50 2018.2 and how do you set it up? We'll cover this and more below.


    With the Invoice Payments feature, you can get paid faster by accepting online payments from your customers by using secure payment…

  • QuickTips! Did you mistakenly delete an invoice before deleting a payment?


    Mistakes happen!


    Please note that it's not possible to delete a paid invoice before deleting its payment in any version of Sage 50. There is an audit trail that keeps a log of any transaction.


    Reversed or adjusted transactions will show. If you…

  • Owner used own funds((interact) to pay for expenses Sage 50 Canadian edition

    owner used his own personal bank account to pay(interact) for some opening expenses on new business he has opened. A account that I will not be reconciling. He did this before a seperate bank account and visa were set up. This a partnership. How would…

  • write off tools

    How Can you write off tool expense in Sage 50, expense account damaged tools.?

    Thank you in advance

  • how to add informatic equipment to company's inventory

    Hello, new at Sage 50!  In the process of entering company's invoices and all for the last year.  A laptop was purchased, how do we add it to the company's inventory? No purchase order, purchased cash at Future Shop

    Thank you

  • Automatic payroll deductions not working - New user

    New to Sage 50 Canadian Edition, formerly used QB Pro.

    When processing payroll, the program is not automatically calculating EI, CPP, Fed Taxes, even with historic amounts added.  What am I doing wrong?

    Aroma Meze

  • cancel cheque from old year

    in March (previous fiscal year) we posted an invoice and cheque; it did not clear in March and so is carried over into the new fiscal year. in the meantime we have reconciled the March bank, closed the 2015 year and opened 2016. Now in April we are informed…