• Customizing an estimate

    I'm attempting to create a customized cost estimate form in Sage50 Premium Accounting.  It is going fine except I don't want to show GST in my cost estimates.  Is there anyway to remove this from my estimate?  It doesnt show up as a field in the…

  • Customer Receipt Type Default Settings

    With the installation of 2017, customer records now auto default a payment type and I find this to be a problem.  This is a problem because the user cannot set this default to what is most common to their business.  It is a shame that there is no global default…

  • Sage 50 Canada - Invoices now have two Logo's in place with last upgrade 2016.3

    I noticed my invoices printed with two logo's (same design) in the upper left corner (one slightly overlapping the other).  Thought it was just an error when I set up although I haven't changed my invoices or logos for a couple of years.  Was talking…

  • MySQL Query Logging

    I'm working on some custom Sage integration, so it would be very valuable for me to be able to turn on query logging for MySQL. I haven't been able to figure out how to accomplish this with the Sage MySQL server, though.

    I've tried connecting…

  • Projects - Intelligence Reporting

    I want to be able to print a report of all the projects that have outstanding balance - basically an A/R report for projects.  Is this something that can be done with the Intelligence Reporting software? 

  • Form Templates

    I am modifying a Purchase order template and have added a data and text box to add "Ordered by:"  If I print the order, it adds this to the form, but on the window itself, it does not show up on the screen for me to enter anything.  Can anyone…

  • Any body out there know what is required to import from Concur, our expense provider?

    Anybody know of an easy way to import expense items from a Concur file export?

    Alternatively would anyone know how I can export GL strings for each company managed in Sage?