• Getting incorrect tax name for given tax code after Sage 50 2019.1 Update

    I have Sage 50 Canadian Accountant company file and following setting are configured in it. 

    • HST tax name is setup

    • Tax code H is setup and mapped to HST Tax name 

    For Receivable accounts , Tax code H is setup for new customers sales

    Now we are sending…

  • HELP !!Comment entrer les avis de cotisation de l'année précédente 2015 et comment les payer?

    Au niveau du journal général ? Ex : Jai a remettre de l'impot federal, je veux savoir sur quel compte je doit faire le crédit et quel compte faire le débit? Mon paiement si j'utilise des avis de versement? Quel compte ajustement versement lors du paiment…

  • Anyone able to use EFT with RBC succesfuly after its integration in SAGE50 ? Duplicate transaction rejected

    For the past 2 weeks we've been having trouble with EFT payroll transactions, after it was integrated into SAGE50 (following last update).

    We are getting rejected transactions every time an EFT file is uploaded to our bank, after much investigation…

  • MySQL Query Logging

    I'm working on some custom Sage integration, so it would be very valuable for me to be able to turn on query logging for MySQL. I haven't been able to figure out how to accomplish this with the Sage MySQL server, though.

    I've tried connecting…

  • Sage 50 CA Payroll

    Can anyone provide instructions to properly set up a RRSP-DPSP benefit plan in Sage  CA payroll?

  • Removing Payroll

    I am setting up a new company and we have no employees and, no vacation, income, deductions, etc.  How do I turn off the payroll or remove it entirely?

  • Total newb needs help with setting up inventory and accounts


    I'm trying to setup Sage 50 and I'm becoming more and more confused! I do use Sage at my day job for entering payables and receivables, so I'm familiar with a lot of the program, but not familiar how to set it up to use for my side business making…

  • two cash accounts, each with cheques, how to setup?

    The company uses different cheque books for two bank accounts.  Is there a way to set up Sage50 that will accommodate the different cheques and sequential numbering for each?

    Thanks in advance.