• Net Amount Owing on Invoices

    How do I get the final amount owing on the invoice to automatically deduct previous amounts deposited?  I need the amount owing to be deducted from the Invoices Total Amount

    which would then show the real amount owing.

  • Deleting inventory that has been invoiced to a customer?

    Hi there, 

    My company has several Inventory Items that we would like to remove from our system for various reasons. Our supplier has discontinued them, upgraded to a new version, etc. 
    However many of these inventory items have been sold to customers in…

  • Why do we only own this product for 1 year even when we purchase it outright?

    My business purchased 2018 Sage 50 Canadian Edition. I used it happily into 2019. I needed to revisit the files but found the program had been lost through time. I just spoke to "technical support" and was told they "don't have the 2018 version anymore…

  • Accounting For Employee Purchase on Account

    Hi we had an employee use a company account to purchase an item, we paid it already, he now has paid us the cash for the purchase. What do I post and where...

    do I do a GL entry where I credit the expense account and debit the bank where I am depositing…

  • Comments: more space for Invoices!

    My client needs more space in the Comments section for an Invoice.  100 characters is simply not enough.  They would also like a comments field for each invoice detail line as well.

  • Importing invoices data from Chargebee in Sage 50 CA

    We are using Chargebee to generate our invoices for all recurring customers and we want to import the invoices’ data from Chargebee into Sage 50CA.

    Any suggestion on how to execute this basic accounting process?

    Thanks in advance

  • How to match credit to invoice on sage 50

    Trying to figure out an easier way to match credits to invoices. Any help?

  • Question - Change of date each day on the invoice form.

    Hello Everyone, 

    I would appreciate it if someone could please help me troubleshoot this issue, where the date on the invoice form shall change each day without having to manually change it every day. 

    This issue is causing serious problems with my customers…

  • Correcting J/E for Cheque reissued in Accounts Payable

    Hi...I am having trouble reconciling my bank. 

    I issued an extra payment to an invoice that did not exist with vendor. They pointed it out, i removed the invoice instead of reversing the payment. The cheque does not exist so therefore

    1) Reissued cheque…

  • HST not showing in "Purchase Transaction Detail" so not showing up in HST remittance report


    First timer...

    My HST is not showing in "Purchase Transaction Detail" so not showing up in HST remittance report.

    It shows on the purchase invoice but not when I look up the purchase transaction detail report therefore not showing when…

  • File Protection ,why did it close Sage?

    Just had a recent update to our Sage system yesterday. I was processing a Invoice via the Order # and I went to save, no issues. All of a sudden this message came up (our anti-virus) software came up but when I "x", it closed my Sage. Then when I tried…

  • Do not show backorders on invoices

    Cannot find any answers online for this..

    Is there a way to convert sales orders to an invoice without showing the backordered items on the printed invoice?

    Any help is appreciated.


  • Print alignment

    TIA but I struggling with aligning our Pre-Printed Packing to look the same as our Invoice. The pre-printed forms are exactly the same but shows Packing slip.

    See PDF...

  • Sales Invoice partial delivery

    i`m using SAGE 50 Premium CA 2020 ,  

    when i print invoice for partial delivery , all the items showing on the invoice will print.  it might be possible to create a custom form which could hide back order items on the printed form.  

  • Add a searchable field to the invoice form?

    We have customers that use Purchase Orders.  I see the DO/Quote No. field, and I have added it to print on our invoice form, but it is not searchable as is.  Is there a way to add a searchable field in the invoice form?

  • Vendor Invoice Approvals When Working Remotely

    Hi - Just wondering if Sage 50 Quantum has any features available to circulate vendor invoices electronically for staff/management approvals. Especially important right now when our staff are all working remotely!  If not, does anyone have a software provider…

  • Customer Master Bill to and Ship to: Address Name

    Some customers have several ship to addresses.  Second tab on master file, I add additional ship to locations.  Some are even a different company name.  When I create and print an invoice the name of the company does not show up on the ship to.  What show…

  • How to get #Delivered showing on an invoice (column is Nil and greyed out)


    I set up Quantity, Order and Back Order in the Sales Order (screen view). In this mock, four out of five are delivered:

    After converting directly from Sales Order to Sales Invoice Delivery is 0.

    Delivery Orders is not useful for our company…

  • Adjust the price onscreen; why is a discount forced on the invoice?


    SAGE 50 2020 Quantum. 5 users.

    I make and preview an invoice (not posted).

    Whoops! The price on the first one should have been $5, not $20. So, I go back to the screen and change the price of the first line to $5 each.

    I would expect the preview…

  • Work Orders for customers

    Hi.  I'm trying to set up my dry cleaners sage 50 to help us become more automated.  Currently we have Small little tickets that our POS software prints off for each order that we clean.  A lot of our customers are charge account customers and I deliver…

  • How to get HST showing on a sale invoice

    I am using a trail version Sage 50 and failed to get HST showing on a sale invoice even though the tax code ( 13%) has been selected. I have tried many ways but none of them is helpful. Kindly share your solutions with me. 

  • Sales Order/Invoice Skip Line/Enter Message

    It would be a great idea to be able to skip a line on a sales order or invoice. On a different accounting Software previously used we were able to do so by entering a value in the item number column,

    It would also allow users to write in a message under…

  • Copy old invoices to create a new quotes or sales orders

    We often have quotes that become orders and then have to requote on qty changes, before re converting back to orders and eventually invoices.

    Also we have to re build a quote with 50-100 line items that had not been stored as a recurring quote, as originally…

  • 3% Environmental Fees


    I am wondering if there is a way to add a 3% fee to invoices that would automatically be calculated on an amount, similar to HST. I considered setting it up as a sales tax of sorts, however, from what I understand, you cannot have two tax codes…

  • Journal entry flow when invoicing, and receiving funds through our stripe account.


    I have just linked our Stripe account with our Sage software.  Before I begin using this feature I would like to make sure I have it set up correctly and that I know what the flow of Journal entries will be.  

    When I create an invoice through the receivables…