• Building an Inventory Item

    Is anyone able to walk me through the building of an inventory item from start to finish? I'm confused on how to use the program for this... I have a single product, we have multiple things that went into creating this product. I want to be able to track…

  • Deleting inventory that has been invoiced to a customer?

    Hi there, 

    My company has several Inventory Items that we would like to remove from our system for various reasons. Our supplier has discontinued them, upgraded to a new version, etc. 
    However many of these inventory items have been sold to customers in…

  • Tracking external processing item costs Sage 50 Quantum


    I'm trying to determine what the best way to track the costs of external processes on inventory items? hoping some folks around here could chime in.





    1. 10 x Widgets item number (RMWIDGET1)…

  • Setting up Raw Materials and Sub-Contracts for Inventory Items


    We are a small company. 

    We purchase raw materials, inventory them in Sage with RM codes, and then we add some services/ cost (printing, perf, or slitting) and sometimes forward RM to sub-contractors for slitting; which are then returned to us for…

  • Is there a way to get a report that shows "Last date of Revenue" in Inventory?

    Trying to condense our Inventory list to include those items that have been purchased in the last 7 years.

    I am trying to find a short cut or report to make "invalid" parts removed from list but not deleted. I don't want to go into each item line by line…

  • Price List Markup

    I'm trying to update my price list for a certain customer to be COST + 10% - example I have an item with a MAUC cost of $10.00, want to sell it for $11.00 without manually having to look up the cost every single time. When I pick to markup COST with the…

  • Inventory

    Hi there,

    We started using an app called Jane and instead of entering the inventory items twice in Sage and Jane, we decided to simplify and keep a detailed account of our inventory in the Jane app only. We entered the expenses and sales in the Sage inventory…

  • Inventory Tracking

    New to book keeping and new to dealing with inventory... I'm confused how we deal with inventory tracking in sage 50 Canadian edition. I set up our inventory module and added inventory items successfully. For each item, it asked me to link an asset account…

  • Changing Inventory Prices

    We own a manufactoring company which means we import a lot of raw materials. our prices are always changing. is there away to view the last date a price was updated to see if it is the current price? Currently I am tracking down the paper invoice for…

  • Unable to fix negative COGS due to adjustments in inventory module ?

    We are a factory using Sage 50 Quantum. We use average cost and quantities were not negative. 

    I managed to set the correct quantities and values of the inventory by using the inventory module, by first resetting the value to 0 in the module and then adding…

  • Harmonized Code - Inventory

    Is there a place to enter the Harmonized Code for each inventory Item and have it print on sales invoices.  

  • UPC Code Units vs Cases


    Our business buys all product by the cases, which have a UPC Code. When we sell the product, it can be by the case or by the unit. The unit also have a UPC Code, different from the case one.

    What is the best way to link both, units and case, so…

  • How to transfer to sage when you are in the middle of the financial period

    Hi can somebody advise me the best way to proceed:

    1. Our financial year finished in November 2019, we need to submit the declaration before June 1st 2020 (we are late, I know, but this what happened).

    2. In the 2018-2019 financial year we used Wave but…

  • My Inventory is off balance with my sub-ledger, how can I adjust my inventory account?

    Hi, I need to ajust my GL account  (inventory) which is off balance by 1555.09 with my Sub-Ledger.  What can I do?  I am reading other threads and I does not help me fixing my issue.



  • Cannot Create Inventory

    I am new in this position and previously nobody entered inventory or pricing. I would like to be able to choose an item we have ordered before instead of retyping the data when creating a purchase invoice. In trying to learn how to do this I understand…

  • Getting started using inventory module.


    I'm new to Sage as a whole stepping in as the Warehouse/Operations manager. Our company has been using Sage/Simply Accounting for many years but have never used the inventory module. As being new to Sage I'm afraid of messing up any other data within…

  • How to import inventory item record through Sage_SA_Import.exe file? Anyone provide the format for inventory item import through .imp file?

    I need to import bulk inventory data. So I need file format for importing inventory data through Sage_SA_Import.exe tool. Anyone provide the details.

    And can anyone provide me with the pricelist importing file format also?

  • Build from bill of materials - accounting is not affected

    Hi everyone,

    Our company uses Sage 50 quantum,  and when I used the build from bill of materials my inventory account is not affected.

    Thanks for your help.

  • How to add an item to a particular category through SDK

    I want to add an item to Sage 50 through SDK. In Sage 50 I added some category and I need to add the item to that category through SDK.

    Is there any methods or property present in SDK to do the same?

  • How to set an item inactive through Sage SDK

    I am trying to make an item inactive through Sage SDK, but I am unable to find any method or property in InventoryLedger class to do the same?

    Anyone, please help me to do the same?

    Thanks in advance

  • Inventory for items not for sale

    Hi everyone,

    We use pallets to ship our produce and we want to start keeping track of the pallets. Can I do this as an inventory item in sage without money involved. I know I would have to assign accounts to the items but not sure what accounts to use…

  • Inventory Quantity Reports incorrect!

    Have an issue with the inventory report: "Inventory Quantity"

    In the "On Customer Order" column, it is showing amounts that should not be there?

    Showing negative quantities, like when you have a pending sales order for a customer.

  • Inventory items that are the same except for the colour

    I have a couple of hundred inventory items that I want to import to Sage 50 Premium using .csv

    Many of the items I am referring to come in multiple colours. Can I import just the "master" item (as I like to call it) and somehow differentiate the…

  • Carry-over inventory/ expenses for writer


    I'm helping out a freelance writer who recently published their own book.

    I'm a bit lost  as to how to treat the transactions in that most of the inventory (i.e. books) arrived around mid-December. The majority of expenses were incurred in…

  • Inventory General Journal Entry

    Good day, 

    I was wondering if someone could please help me with my predicament . I was asked to record inventory but i've never done it before in Sage. I understand beg + purchase - Ending = inventory. I have debited the beginning inventory and I recorded…