• Impossible d'entré une transaction dans le Journal général à plus de 2 ans en arrière...


    J'essai de rentrer une transaction 2 ans en arrière dans le journal général de Sage50 et ne veut pas le faire... comment faire?

    English version :) 

    Hi i try to enter a 2 years old transaction by the general journal and…

  • Inter-company transactions


    My boss has multiple companies.  

    Company A often purchases office supplies for company B.

    I thought I had the journal entries figured out like this:

    Company A

    1st GJ entry:

    5700 o/s                     Dr. 549.44

    2315 GST Paid         Dr. 27.47

               1065 Bank  

  • Can't figure out how to do this journal entry

    From the accountant I have this general journal entry to make:

    But as you can probably guess, I do not know how to make this entry in the General Journal since one cannot access the subledgers that way, that is, one cannot make a general journal entry…