• How do I find out where a data inconsistency is between debits and credits?

    I ran a data integrity report and everything is balanced except my total debits and credits.  I have run an "ALL JOURNALS" report going back to our first year of operation in 2011 and every year shows a balance between total debits and credits.…

  • Cannot Start a New Year

    I am running Sage 50 Premium Accounting with Payroll version 2021.1 and trying to roll over to a new year.  When I go into Maintenance -> Start new year.  The error that comes up is:  Sage 50 - Duplicate Entry.  You have entered a value that has been assigned…

  • Maintenance - Fichier non valide

    Bonjour !

    Dans l'onglet 'Maintenance'  'Vérification avancée de base de données'

    j'obtiens le message suivant:

    ''Il s'agit d'un fichier d'entreprise de Sage 50 non valide.''

    Que puis…

  • Error

    Hey there. I am receiving this file when I try to open my company. Prior to this I kept getting an error message (something to do with payroll?) when I tried to start a new fiscal year. I did a database integrity check and it said there was a file that…

  • Need some help with possible data inconsistency

    Hi Everyone :),

    First time here so please go easy on me.

    I am in charge of IT at this institute and yesterday my CFO called me and said that the accountants told her about a wrong entry that has been made couple of years back (3).

    the entry is to the…

  • need help opening an older version 2010 2011

    Hello  everyone

    I can not open a 2014 file  The error message says:  Cannot open the database because some files are read only Please ensure you have sufficient rights to the files then try again