• Grant inflows and outflows reports per program and cost centers reports


    I was wondering if I can get report from sage for get report in different classifications like

    1. Statement showing the source of grant or grantor program name with inflows (accounts on the chart of account) and outflows ( in addition the accounts on…

  • There is no data to report in General Journal

    Sage 50 2019: How to explain that under Reports, Journal Entries the report for All Journal Entries the report contains all transactions, but not under the General Journal - there is no data to report? Why is this?

  • Inventory and Services Detail Report

    When looking at the Inventory and Services Transaction Detail Report it seems that once Sales Invoice is not reflected in it.

    These are items that we do not purchase regularly. I show two purchases this year and only one sale on the report yet looking…

  • Is there anyway to go back 4-5+ years and print reports

    For the first time I have run across 3 instances that I need to go back and look at customer, vendor and payroll reports from more than 3 years ago, and of course the program won't let me.

    It lets me do income statements, and balance statements, but…

  • Pulling/Dumping Journal for year end audit

    Good morning. I have received a request from auditors to pull/dump journal entries for the year from the system.

    Could you advise of the procedure to execute this activity?


  • Rapport des employés (Taux horaire)

    J’aimerais avoir un rapport des employés avec leurs taux horaires... il n’y a rien.... il y a le taux additionnel 1 et 2 mais pas le taux horaire régulier. Quelqu'un peut m'aider svp

  • Sage 50 Vendor default codes

    Is it possible to create a report that displays all of the vendor default expense codes? Or view this in some other manner?



  • Remittance report screen blank

    When I try to run monthly payroll remittances the remittance report screen is blank. There is no option to select anything other then the date.

  • Export Multiple Trial Balance Report


    Thanks to this forum that I have learn a lot of skill and knowledge about Sage. Recently, I am working on a project, and I am wondering if I could do it in a efficient way.

    Here are my situations:

    1. We have more than 20 sage 50 files setup for all…

  • Accounts are not in logical order – troubleshoot?

    I have this message trying to open/create some reports to print.

    ‘Your accounts are not in logical order. The reason is: there is a missing Subgroup Total before account ‘1060 Chequing Bank Account’

    Until this issue is resolved, you…

  • Direct Deposit Bank Account information

    I am trying to get a report / csv file of the direct deposit bank account information for all our vendors, the bank account details do not appear in the vendor list report even when I add all columns.


  • Income statement

    I need to print my income statement from last year 2020. Using the ranges custom I can only select the current year 2021. How do I access this report for last year?

  • GST/HST remittance report to be fixed after year end

    Hey everyone, 

    I'll try to explain this the best I can to see if you can help me. I was 3 months into entering when I learned that the HST sales tax was set up incorrectly. It was fixed but of course as we know previous amounts wont show up on the report…

  • shutting down

    Whenever I try to print a report, Sage just shuts down, no error, no warning, it happens with all files. I have restarted the computer, I have uninstalled and reinstalled, I have checked for updates. How do I get this to stop? Thanks!

  • I would like to print a report with my inventory on hand quantity and pricelist.

    Right now I am converting my Quantities in Excel and then converting my pricelist in Excel and then trying to merge them but often they don't line up? Would you know if there is a program to do this?

  • "Not Assigned to Departments" and "Other Departments" on departmental report

    When you run a financial report (like income statement) with selecting a specific department, it also includes "Not Assigned to Departments" and "Other Departments" numbers.

    Please add an option to get rid of those numbers.


  • budget problem

    I am having a problem having the budgeted amount show up on the statement of profit and loss.

    The first picture is my account. The second picture is my budget report. 

    Why is the budget amounts in the account not transferring to the budget report? This…

  • Supplier Payment - How to Change Transaction Limit

    I am trying to pay my monthly statement to a vendor.  I am aware there is a 36 transaction limit when printing cheques - my limit has now changed to 22 transactions - Does anyone have any insite on how to correct this or change bacl to the 36?

    I use a…

  • Sales report

    I would like to generate a sales report by region (state, province) for franchise board tax in the US.

    Does Sage 50 Quantum have this function to do this? If not, which version has the function?

  • Vendor list that shows T5018 option

    Is there a way to print a vendor master list that shows if you have ticked off T4A or T5018?  I want to make sure that I have not missed any, but can't seem to find that option in report columns?

  • Reports

    I changed over to a new fiscal year yesterday...

    And now i can't seem to be able to export any reports current year or previous year - not great timing 

    "An unknow error has occurred.  To protect your company data, Sage 50 will now shut down.  Any…

  • Generating a report by payment method

    I have difficulty trying to generate a report of monies received by payment method ie: at end of day print a report of total monies received by visa, mastercard, debit

    Does Sage have this capability?

  • Time Slips


    TIA for anyone that can help me. 

    I can’t seem to add a new employee to an existing customer time and billing report using their time slip. I can create time slip for said employee but it doesn’t attach to said customer along with the other employees…

  • Inventory Report with o/s Sales Orders vs Stock on Hand

    In addition to the Sales Order report by inventory item - detail or summary, is there a way to include inventory on hand?  This report is helpful to monitor our sales orders o/s and inventory level to see if we need to order.


  • Departmental Income Statement over multiple periods

    I want to pull departmental income statements for about 10 years back but it seems only Current Year and Previous Year are available.  Is there any way to do this?  Thanks.