• Exporting Sales Invoices to create a csv file

    Hello, is there a 3rd party "app" or anything that would work to be able to export sales invoices in Sage50?  For example, if we want to export sales invoices that were entered for the past 3 days, is there a way to do that to create a .csv file…

  • Importing invoices data from Chargebee in Sage 50 CA

    We are using Chargebee to generate our invoices for all recurring customers and we want to import the invoices’ data from Chargebee into Sage 50CA.

    Any suggestion on how to execute this basic accounting process?

    Thanks in advance

  • Importing Invoices with comments

    I am working on automating invoice generation with Sage, 

    when i create a invoice with .imp file how can i add a comment on the invoice?

    for example if i sell a perticular item, we often add on a seperate line in the description field a comment like …


    Is there a way to keep track of materials used and labour for a project on excel and export it into sage as a sales invoice? I have been weeks trying to figure out the easiest way to keep track. I could use time slips to keep track of labour but it doesn…

  • Import journal entries

    Based on KB10186 9found on this forum) I made a txt file with the following data:

    07-03-15,"338", "Lowland Brewery Inc."

    I tried to import this file into a trial version of Sage50 (standard sample…

  • Add payments to invoices added through the SalesJournal?

    I am using the .NET SDK (C#) to export invoices and payments of those invoices from my own database into Sage50.

    I managed to create invoices (payment type = pay later) in the Sage50 db using the SalesJournal class.

    I now need to add payments for those…

  • .sfm file format

    Does anyone know the file format for Simply's .sfm template files? I need to load it in my solution to make a PDF of an invoice.