• Data import export?

    Is it possible to export\import data from Sage50 CA to 3rd party app?

    Like export Vendor once it's created?

  • Direct deposit File Error

    I sent a "test" direct deposit file to be uploaded to the CAFT system we use for payments. 

    The file came back with 4 errors. I'm not sure what they are or how to fix them.

    Where do I start?



    Please ask Client to update the following…

  • Changing Inventory Prices

    We own a manufactoring company which means we import a lot of raw materials. our prices are always changing. is there away to view the last date a price was updated to see if it is the current price? Currently I am tracking down the paper invoice for…

  • Import Excel data into Sage 50 invoice

    Hi there,

    First time poster here. Glad to have found this community Slight smile

    I have a situation where, for a specific client, I need to create quite voluminous sales invoices within Sage 50. Each of those invoices consist of several hundred items, and each of…

  • Accidentally Imported the Wrong Bank Transaction File

    We accidentally imported a bank transaction file for one client, into another client's Sage 50 file.  None of the transactions have been posted but the import shows up in Match Transactions.  Is there a way to delete this import?

  • Account Receivable customer mass update (IMPORT)

    I know there is an Import Record function built in to Sage 50, but I understand that it will only add customers, and not update existing customer information.

    Is this correct?

    I need to update the contact name (and addresses) for 1500 existing customer…

  • Importing sales invoices - Import wizard asks for non compulsory data

    Hi all, 

    According to this entry in the KB and the dev-import pdf from the SDK documentation, when importing sales invoices, the Quantity and Price fields are non compulsory, which would mean that I don't have to put them in my .imp file... Right?


  • Erreur d'importation employés CSV

    Bonjour, J'essaie d'importer des données d'employé et j'ai toujours le code d'erreur suivant : Le fichier d'importation ne contient pas un type de pays compatible. Est-ce que vous savez ce qui pourrait causer ce code d'erreur? Que j'inscrive 3 ou 1 à…

  • Import csv general journal entries with departments and project allocations

    I'd like to be able to import general journal entries with department and project data. From elsewhere on the site ("Importing miscellaneous transactions from a text file into Sage 50-Canadian Edition") I see

    • Example of importing with departments…
  • Does imp file allow automatic import of item ?

    Even when the code are ok it ask for confirmation (the correct item is selected) for each detail line. Is there anyway to avoid this confirmation and import the invoice without confirmation ?
    Thank you

  • Import Error: Line 1 does not contain compatible tax information


    I try to import an imp file looking like this

        "12001", "1"
    "Digipoint", "0", , "1050 boul. Hamel", "Québec", "Quebec", , "G1M2S3", "Canada", , , ,…

  • Need to import a huge volume of Sales Invoices into Sage 50 - 2017 - Canadian Edition. The SI Data is currently in excel

    Can someone please advise on the best method to import a sales invoice. Is the .imp specification the only way to import into Sage 50 - 2017 Canadian? Is there an excel template that I can map my excel data to and then save as a .CSV for importing into…

  • Is it possible to import employee pay into Sage using the SDK?

    Is it possible to use the SDK to import employee pay into Sage? I'm thinking it would need to be able to create paychecks but if anyone knows of a better way for employee pay please let me know. I know you can import employees but I want to take all their…

  • SDKInstanceManager OpenDatabase always returns false and has no error messages


    I'm trying to work through the C# sample project in the Sage 50 Accounting SDK (Simply) but for some reason I can't get the opendatabase connection to let me access the database. I have set up my user in the Sage app and I know my username and password…

  • How to properly import tax information for sales invoices using .imp file

    I'm trying to import sales invoices using the .imp format but I'm confused about how I should be importing the tax.

    The sales invoices I'm trying to import are for a shipping order so my information is as follows:

    Order No: 6000

    Invoice No…

  • What is the process to create Purchase Orders or Sales Orders via uploading a .csv file?

    I am a new user of Sage 50. I am trying to figure out how to create Purchase Orders or Sales Orders in Sage 50 via uploading an excel file (or CSV). Any help would be appreciated.

  • Add payments to invoices added through the SalesJournal?

    I am using the .NET SDK (C#) to export invoices and payments of those invoices from my own database into Sage50.

    I managed to create invoices (payment type = pay later) in the Sage50 db using the SalesJournal class.

    I now need to add payments for those…

  • how avoid ask for item service in the timeslip importing proccess


    I'm trying to import timeslips but always ask the item service match for every employee record, is there a way to avoid this?. 

    Thanks anyway

  • I imported all my inventory, but now how to I import opening balances

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm sure this was answered in the past but I can't find the post, maybe someone can help me out.   I have Sage 50 2015 Canadian edition, I imported over 16,000 items (yes, 16,000) as we are moving from DacEasy 9.0 to Sage.   All my…