• Help needed to delete an entry


    I posted an entry in the general ledger but I realized I should not have. How do I do that?

  • Can a SysAdmin log off other users


    Can I force a log out of other people who are still logged into sage? I have a licence for only 2 people and now I have 2 people logged into the system. But also I can't even log in as a sysadmin because two people are logged in. I am going to go…

  • Sage Online/Cloud - 3rd Party Accounts Payable Solutions

    Good day Sage Family,  

    I am new to Sage online/cloud and I am wondering if anyone in the Sage world would know of any good 3rd Party Accounts Payable solutions? I used Telpay with Sage 50 Desktop which was extremely simple. I would pay suppliers to a…

  • Having Sage50 Cloud with AWS Instance


    I would like to have some ideas from anyone about running AWS Instance and Sage on it. My company is currently using Sage 50 Cloud Quantum, and we are currently running an On-Prem Windows server for our finance team. Since the finance team is already…

  • Why do we only own this product for 1 year even when we purchase it outright?

    My business purchased 2018 Sage 50 Canadian Edition. I used it happily into 2019. I needed to revisit the files but found the program had been lost through time. I just spoke to "technical support" and was told they "don't have the 2018 version anymore…

  • WSIB Payment


    This is my first time handling the wsib payment received due to having injured worker. I would like to know how will I make an entry correctly. Should I create other revenue or expense account (based on what I read on wsib website, to declare it as…

  • Sage 50 CA integration

    I have an application that I need to have integrated with sage 50 CA.  I need to pull info and push back ap and AR invoices, projects and time entries.  Who can help me?

  • sage 50 premium accounting 2021.1 font smaller than before and blur in settings.

    Sage 50 premium account 2021.1

    windows factory reset and new install sage 50 premium Canadian 2021.1

    the fonts in the small window are super small. changed windows resolution and size of text, both methods don't make those fonts more clear.

    they seem…

  • Sage 50 CA The statement wont open

    trying to open the sage 50 balance sheet the small window shows up at the bottom but then there is no data. and cannot select the balance sheet on the windows taskbar, there is nothing happens. 

    restore the last updates, works. but today the income statement…

  • Import General Ledger Transaction

    I follow the Sage 50 help section and tried to import General Ledger Transactions.  However, it keeps saying my date is not within the fiscal year.

    Here is my import

    12-27-20,"BANK STMT-CIBC","CIBC VISA STMT 2020-10-27 TO 2020-11-27"…

  • Prepayments

    Hello everyone, 

    I have a problem with Vendor's prepayment/Direct deposit and customers who paid in advance to buy but can't able to record for example whenever I open the payment window from the panel if I select direct deposit this message popups if…

  • Payroll

    have a new client. in Vacation pay in his payroll is a line "Bal. Fwd. (as of Jan 01,2020) and it has a YTD balance 4 out of 9 employees. 

    I have not seen this in any of my other clients. Is this a balance still owing to the employee from 2019?


  • Sauvegarder le fichier entreprise


    Je n'arrive plus à faire la sauvegarde de mon fichier d'entreprise. Voici le message: La sauvegarde de ce fichier d'entreprise dépasserait 2 go, ce qui est supérieur à la taille maximale. Sage 50 ne peut pas créer la sauvegarde. Que faut-il faire…

  • Sage 50 Quantum vs Sage 50 Premium Accounting


    The company I work for are currently considering changing from Sage 50c Premium Accounting to Sage 50 Quantum.  Can anyone tell me the Pro's and Con's?  Is the Quantum version worth switching to?  We are also possibly considering Sage 100…

  • Copie de sauvegarde

    Bonjour, j'ai fait la dernière misa à jour, et depuis cette misa à jour je ne peux plus faire de copie de sauvegarde, à chaque fois que je veux en faire une, on voit que ça veux travailler mais il ferme et aucune copie ne se fait! Et oui je ne sauvegarde…

  • Issue with HST on payments. Payment show's no HST yet it's calculated on the ledger

    Has anyone had an issue with HST being recorded on exempt payments?

    The payment is sage show's no HST was calculated, yet when I look at the journal it's there. I can drill into the HST on the HST ledger and it takes me back to the cheque that doesn't…

  • Multiuser issues

    I was recently added as a user on Sage 50 premium CA and we have discovered that anything I post/enter is not updating/transferring to the other users and vice versa.

    We have installed the new update and refreshed multiple times, but nothing seems to…

  • Bookkeeping or Accounting Software

    What’s the Difference Between Bookkeeping and Accounting? Which accounting software would you recommend for an SME?

  • Single user mode

    I can not log on in Single User mode as the system is telling me someone is already logged on in Multi User Mode. But there is no one else logged on. 

  • Print line comments in the general ledger

    When entering a JE there is the individual line comment; is there any way to print that individual comment per line when printing a GL (or an individual account in the GL)?

  • Complaints


    Does anyone know how to file a complaint against this customer server?

    Our company was charged for a Module that we don't use, and our Credit Card was charged, I called to dispute and was promised a refund that never took a place.

    Upon renewal…

  • Can no longer connect to database on server

  • Needing some help from more experienced users

    Hi folks!  I've just taken on a client who's previous bookkeeper was using Sage Accountant's edition (licensed in the previous bookkeeper's personal name) to do my clients books. The bookkeeper has now quit so I'm assuming my client has to buy their own…

  • Looking for Prior Webinars hosted. Sage 50 Premium vs Sage 50 Cloud

    Missed a webinar that I want to watch, is there somewhere to find them online.   Using Sage 50  Premium and looking at the pros and cons of moving to Sage Cloud.  

  • Covid-19 Relief for Corporations that take dividends.

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, is there any financial assistance available for the mom and pop corporations who don't have any employees and take dividends.  They don't take salaries or do payroll, but are not able to work because of the Covid-19.…