• How do I find out where a data inconsistency is between debits and credits?

    I ran a data integrity report and everything is balanced except my total debits and credits.  I have run an "ALL JOURNALS" report going back to our first year of operation in 2011 and every year shows a balance between total debits and credits.…

  • Error code

    I am just finishing entering in history mode. I installed Microsoft 365 business and integrated with Sage. OneDrive synced with my files, so when I tried to open Sage again, it didn’t work, throwing an error code that couldn’t find files (I assume because…

  • Cannot Start a New Year

    I am running Sage 50 Premium Accounting with Payroll version 2021.1 and trying to roll over to a new year.  When I go into Maintenance -> Start new year.  The error that comes up is:  Sage 50 - Duplicate Entry.  You have entered a value that has been assigned…

  • Maintenance - Fichier non valide

    Bonjour !

    Dans l'onglet 'Maintenance'  'Vérification avancée de base de données'

    j'obtiens le message suivant:

    ''Il s'agit d'un fichier d'entreprise de Sage 50 non valide.''

    Que puis…

  • Sage 50 Error shows when want to connect from any station

    Hi everyone, When we try to connect to our database from any station in our office this error pops up and we have no idea abt this.

    Can anyone help us on this?

  • Downloading invoices to Sage 50c

    Trying to download transactions (invoices) from Sage Accounting to Sage 50c desktop and getting a red X with nothing in the downloading summary

    Getting different answers every time I contact support

    Is this feature not available anymore?

  • Error

    Hey there. I am receiving this file when I try to open my company. Prior to this I kept getting an error message (something to do with payroll?) when I tried to start a new fiscal year. I did a database integrity check and it said there was a file that…

  • Message "Sage ne peut pas traiter votre requête veuillez réessayer plus tard" et quand je clique ok j'ai le message "Impossible d'ouvrir le fichier de l'entreprise"

    Lundi le 2 mars j'ai travaillé dans SAGE sur l'entrepise "A" sans aucun problème. Mardi et mercredi je n'y ai pas touché du tout. Par contre une autre personne a travaillé sur l'entreprise "A"…

  • unable to open company

    getting unable to open the company file(s) message on all my accounts. When trying to open in 2020.1. Backed up and retried and restored from back up and still crashes with each file at 26/45. Files can still load just fine in 2019 versions of Sage50…

  • Simply Accounting Cannot Connect to Connection Manager

    Please I cannot start my Simply Accounting Set up.

    It keep telling me cannot connect to Connection Manager.

    What should I do.


  • Sage 2019.2 - Get Open Invoices using Query?

    Hello would like to know if it's possible to get a list of all open invoices using  SDKDatabaseUtility RunSelectQuery command?

    I've looked around here and also the DataDict but can't really find what tables I need to link to get this data.  Any…

  • Sage Simply Accounting 2010 Database is not connecting

    Please help. I am in Toronto If  there is consultant help me I am not computer savoy

    Sage Simply 2010 Pro accounting  ( database is not connecting)

  • Help with Import issues


    I am posting this on behalf of a client who is a Sage 50 user. We have generated an .IMP file from our software for them to import into Sage 50, and they have been getting a variety of errors that are very hard to troubleshoot - maybe one of you will…

  • Sharing data file simultaneously

    Hello, how can my client share thier "sage 50 pro" data file with me (I have the accountant edition of sage 50), so i can work on thier file remotely? And simultaneously? Also, is there a link and/or video that discusses the information to show the client…

  • ODBC Connection Access Denied (Password error)

    Since we installed the latest upgrade for Sage 50 to Version 2018.0, we are unable to connect to the simply database with our third party software using a ODBC Connection.

    Over the past 10 years I have always managed to make the appropriate adjustments…

  • Retour à une date de session antérieure


    Je suis dans ma première année financière. J'ai inscrit dans SAGE le 31 août comme date de fin d'année alors que cela aurait dû être le 31 juillet. Ma date de session est le 31 août. J'ai fait des écritures en août dont les paies. Que dois-je…

  • Needing to correct an error made in previous year after entering 2 months of data in our new year

    We have completed our year end, moved our systems forward, entered about 2 1/2 months of data into our new year. After this we found we had an error at the end of our previous year that has to be corrected. We went back and corrected the error in the…

  • Is it possible to import employee pay into Sage using the SDK?

    Is it possible to use the SDK to import employee pay into Sage? I'm thinking it would need to be able to create paychecks but if anyone knows of a better way for employee pay please let me know. I know you can import employees but I want to take all their…

  • SDKInstanceManager OpenDatabase always returns false and has no error messages


    I'm trying to work through the C# sample project in the Sage 50 Accounting SDK (Simply) but for some reason I can't get the opendatabase connection to let me access the database. I have set up my user in the Sage app and I know my username and password…

  • Sage 50 Canadian SDK - how to do wSDBGetDBVer in c#

    I am trying to use some of the features described in the documentation that came with the SDK. In the doc, dev-progref.pdf, I've read about the methods and they all seem to start with wSDB. I've seen that the wSDB* methods can be called in C++ and VB…

  • How to find log in credentials for Sage 50 database

    I am trying to go through some of the code examples in the SDK, obviously one of the first functions that runs is the database connection function. I have tried sysadmin with various passwords but I can never successfully connect to the database to try…

  • What is the process to create Purchase Orders or Sales Orders via uploading a .csv file?

    I am a new user of Sage 50. I am trying to figure out how to create Purchase Orders or Sales Orders in Sage 50 via uploading an excel file (or CSV). Any help would be appreciated.

  • SDKInstanceManager.Instance.OpenDatabase always returning false with no reason why or error message

    I have a C# application that executes a call to SDKInstanceManager.Instance.OpenDatabase to open the data file but it keeps returning false, and it does not give any error message as to why. I have the proper parameters sent because this same data file…

  • Error when opening Sage Pro 2012 Database in Sage 50 Pro 2015

    I just installed Sage 50 2015 Pro.  Until now I have been using Sage 2012 Pro.  I'm having problems using my existing company file in the new version:

    It seems that Sage 50 2015 Pro is having problems connecting to the 2012 Pro version's company file…

  • need help opening an older version 2010 2011

    Hello  everyone

    I can not open a 2014 file  The error message says:  Cannot open the database because some files are read only Please ensure you have sufficient rights to the files then try again