• Restoring Original File

    I started going through the Chapter 3 steps in Bihn's Bins to get used to the software. I did backups in the places the book told me to.

    Now I need to go back to the original file for a project for the course I am taking.

    The original file has all…

  • Fichier restauré mais impossible d'ouvrir


    Je tente de restaurer une sauvegarde et lorsque je veux ouvrir l'entreprise, le système m'indique "Impossible d'ouvrir el fichier... un fichier de données est manquant". Pourtant, mon fichier est restauré est au même endroit que mes fichiers…

  • Sage 50 CA installation on cloud server

    Hello Team,

    I recently migrated our Sage 50 CA from the local server to the ServerCloud (PasS). On the same cloud server, Sage 50 CA is integrated with the DispatchMate application meant for logistics management. From DispatchMate invoices are exported…

  • Data error. Sage 50 Canadian Edition 2021.1 Advanced Check & Repair tool cannot adress the issue. data table TBRTR

    I am using Sage 50 Canadian Edition 2021.1 I used "open as an admin" to open the sage program. I am in the single-user mode and logged in as a system admin. I have some issue that cannot post into a future date. cannot add departments in payroll. when…

  • Pas capable d'ouvrir entreprise 'Cette entreprise partagée est déjà ouverte'


    Je ne suis pas capable d'ouvrir une entreprise partagée. J'ai un message d'erreur qui indique que 'Cette entreprise partagée est déjà ouverte' alors que ce n'est pas le cas. Cette entreprise n'est ouverte sur aucun poste.…

  • Soudainement, mon historique de factures clients et fournisseurs est limité au 7 novembre 2020, que puis-je faire?

    Ma fin d'Année est au 31 décembre 2020. Depuis aujourd'hui, mon historique des comptes clients s'arrête au 7 novembre 2020. Pouvez-vous m'aider?

  • Recent synchronisation issues


    Recently, mainly since 2021.0 installation or shorlty after, we are ofter experiencing issues while we are working on Sage. 

    This mainly reocurs when we either submit an invoice or close Sage. Sage Drive Synchronisation pop up is showing and it freezes…

  • Try to backup but it give message that file exceed 2GM max that sage can do.

    Try to backup but it give message that file exceed 2GM max that sage can do. whent to the file and i can see 2gb file called errolog.txt.

    what should i so ?


  • Direct deposit File Error

    I sent a "test" direct deposit file to be uploaded to the CAFT system we use for payments. 

    The file came back with 4 errors. I'm not sure what they are or how to fix them.

    Where do I start?



    Please ask Client to update the following…

  • microsoft 365 is not uploading

    365 SOMETIMES creates a backup and other times does not. I have disconnected then connected again, go through all the prompts and still no current backup when i log onto office.com

    what the heck am i doing wrong??

  • Data extraction

    Is there a tool out there to extract sage 50 data.

    We need a file of every transaction for the last 3 years that contains customer, invoice #, items, totals, tax and Very importantly the Message field.

    Any ideas?



  • Quantum is $3700 CDN but we can't get assistance from Level 2 for 2 days now

    Quantum members get the same level of service that a Pro user does.       

    Company accounting is down.... 4 level 1's have tried to assist but all say it needs to go to level 2.

    #1   Tried to call several times and have stayed on hold for hours....... no…

  • Copie de sauvegarde avec selection des annees

    Je voudrais faire une copie de sauvegarde des données des 3 dernières années seulement (2016 à 2019)

    Je ne veux pas que l'utilisateur est accès aux autres années historique

  • Importing excel journal entry to Sage 50

    I am using Push Operations (labour management tool) to process payroll which then creates a journal entry in Excel. I tried converting this Excel file to .txt but when I try to Import Transaction in Sage it says there is an error.

    How do I convert a journal…

  • Simply Accounting Cannot Connect to Connection Manager

    Please I cannot start my Simply Accounting Set up.

    It keep telling me cannot connect to Connection Manager.

    What should I do.


  • How to add an item to a particular category through SDK

    I want to add an item to Sage 50 through SDK. In Sage 50 I added some category and I need to add the item to that category through SDK.

    Is there any methods or property present in SDK to do the same?

  • Account Receivable customer mass update (IMPORT)

    I know there is an Import Record function built in to Sage 50, but I understand that it will only add customers, and not update existing customer information.

    Is this correct?

    I need to update the contact name (and addresses) for 1500 existing customer…

  • Sage 2019.2 - Get Open Invoices using Query?

    Hello would like to know if it's possible to get a list of all open invoices using  SDKDatabaseUtility RunSelectQuery command?

    I've looked around here and also the DataDict but can't really find what tables I need to link to get this data.  Any…

  • ODBC issue (works from Excel when sysadmin has no password but not when sysadmin has a password

    Trying to connect to the Sage 50 Canadian (non cloud) database using excel through ODBC

    MySql connector allow me to select the Sage50:COMPANYNAME.SAI file and the population of the correct path to the server and port 

    Initial attempts with the sysadmin…

  • Erreur d'importation employés CSV

    Bonjour, J'essaie d'importer des données d'employé et j'ai toujours le code d'erreur suivant : Le fichier d'importation ne contient pas un type de pays compatible. Est-ce que vous savez ce qui pourrait causer ce code d'erreur? Que j'inscrive 3 ou 1 à…

  • Sage one to Sage 50

    I was using Business Cloud Accounting (formely known as Sage One) i have purchased and installed Sage 50 at the request of my Accountant. How do i transfer everything from the Business Cloud Accounting to Sage 50.?  (yes i read S50 to BCA but it doesn…

  • Month by Month Income statements

    So, I'm trying to analyse income month by month, seems like the only way to do this is to run a report for one month, then export to excel, then cut and paste next month beside it. Only problem being... Where a category was created it does not show in…

  • Determine if Vendor Invoice has been paid - SDK

    I need to be able to determine if a vendor invoice has been paid via the SDK. I found this older post, but wanted to see if there was any new information:


  • Sharing data file simultaneously

    Hello, how can my client share thier "sage 50 pro" data file with me (I have the accountant edition of sage 50), so i can work on thier file remotely? And simultaneously? Also, is there a link and/or video that discusses the information to show the client…

  • ODBC Connection Access Denied (Password error)

    Since we installed the latest upgrade for Sage 50 to Version 2018.0, we are unable to connect to the simply database with our third party software using a ODBC Connection.

    Over the past 10 years I have always managed to make the appropriate adjustments…