• #C and SDK issues


    A little background... We were asked by a client to create a.Net application to do a few things. The more effort we put in the less success we seem to be having.

    We are trying to create POs, Time records, and add Cost Codes to the DB.

    Reading from…

  • Customizing an estimate

    I'm attempting to create a customized cost estimate form in Sage50 Premium Accounting.  It is going fine except I don't want to show GST in my cost estimates.  Is there anyway to remove this from my estimate?  It doesnt show up as a field in the…

  • Customer Receipt Type Default Settings

    With the installation of 2017, customer records now auto default a payment type and I find this to be a problem.  This is a problem because the user cannot set this default to what is most common to their business.  It is a shame that there is no global default…

  • Sage 50 Canada - Invoices now have two Logo's in place with last upgrade 2016.3

    I noticed my invoices printed with two logo's (same design) in the upper left corner (one slightly overlapping the other).  Thought it was just an error when I set up although I haven't changed my invoices or logos for a couple of years.  Was talking…

  • Projects - Intelligence Reporting

    I want to be able to print a report of all the projects that have outstanding balance - basically an A/R report for projects.  Is this something that can be done with the Intelligence Reporting software? 

  • Form Templates

    I am modifying a Purchase order template and have added a data and text box to add "Ordered by:"  If I print the order, it adds this to the form, but on the window itself, it does not show up on the screen for me to enter anything.  Can anyone…

  • Any body out there know what is required to import from Concur, our expense provider?

    Anybody know of an easy way to import expense items from a Concur file export?

    Alternatively would anyone know how I can export GL strings for each company managed in Sage?



  • Get account balance?

    I'm trying to obtain a balance for an account via the SDK and am unable to figure out how to do this. Can anyone shed any light on it? It appears that the SDK is very limited, and poorly documented.