• How do I restart a bank reconcilation?

    We are currently doing Bank Reconciliation but I would like to complete in system. How would I remove all the old stuff? 

  • Bank feed match

    I'm trying to see if there is a way to manually match multiple Sage amout to 1 bank amout 

  • Bank Rec Statement End Balance and Unresolved aren't matching

    I've had an amount left unresolved for November bank rec which I haven't been able to figure out so I have reversed my last reconciliation (Oct) and started again.

    Oct opening and end balance in Sage 50 matches my bank statement before I've started…

  • Reversed and adjusted entries showed as outstanding in Bank reconciliation

    Reversed and adjusted entries showed as outstanding in Bank reconciliation. 

    Selected "do not show corrections" doesn't hide those entries. 

    The amount of those entries were added to the "Unresolved" 

    had to manually click to make…

  • S. O.S : You will not be able to edit the reconciliation information until

    I can't do the reconciliation and this message shows up 

    "Another user XXXX {sysadmin) has locked account 1060 XXXX  for reconciliation You will not be able to edit the reconciliation information until
    XXXX (sysadmin) has finished working…

  • BUG? Transaction type set to Deposit Slip

    Discovered a bug in the Reconciliation & Deposits module - has anyone found a fix? When I open the module as SYSADMIN, the "Transaction" field is set to the 1st dropdown option "Account Reconciliation" which is what I want.  When…

  • Negative Unresolved credit card statement from previous fical year adjustment

    Hi there,

    When reconciling my credit card statement, I have a negative unresolved amount that was a YE adjustment from my accountants the previous fiscal year. Is the unresolved to show zero before I post or do I have to resolve this prior to posting…

  • Bank Reconciliation after reversed payment

    I created a deposit slip which included a customer payment.  Afterwards I needed to remove the customer payment and not thinking that it was part of a deposit, I reversed the payment.  Now I have an amount showing in my bank reconciliation that I don't…

  • Year End carry over

    Client was invoiced May 16, 2019 and paid invoice in full via Interact May 31, 2019 (Year End) . It was not posted by bank until June 4, 2019 (New fiscal year). What do i do for an entry so i can reconcile May and June properly? 

    Thank you 

  • local Sage help

    Hello, i am new here. How would we locate a sage program expert in the Halifax area of Nova Scotia.  Need assistance with a glitch in the bank reconciliation module

    Thanks, [email protected]  (902-830-2999)

  • Posting CEWS Income

    Hi All,

    I seem to have spent way too long today, trying to work out how to post CEWS to Sage 50. 

    As it must be shown as income, and has been paid directly into my company bank account I set up a new account for it under Other Revenue, as a gain.

    So do…

  • Bank Reconciliations

    I'm still fairly new to Sage. I reset bank recs to the start of the fiscal year because I just kept going further down the rabbit hole.

    After entering the statement dates, opening and closing balances for the first month of the new year, it dawned…

  • Having Issues with First Bank Reconciliation


    I am setting up the accounting system for a new company formed in December 2019. During that period there are some transactions. I have posted all the transactions (AP, AR and some general journal entries) and everything balances to the penny to…

  • a positive unresolved amount and a negative discrepancy amount

    I have re-reconciled my bank account many many times and I keep getting the same Unresolved $4540 and Discrepancy $-$4540. I've reset the bank rec. I've done a database rebuild. Quickbooks is so much easier!! Anyway I haven't a clue how to fix this.…

  • Bank Reconciliation Discrepancy

    I was doing a bank reconciliation for a few months back when we had a power outage. Now I have a discrepancy and I have no idea how to correct it and I cant' move on.  I know everything has been posted, so I'm not sure why there is this discrepancy…

  • Bank Reconciliation Resolved amount

    I have a resolved amount of -$9829.88.. but no discrepancies or unresolved amounts. Is this going to cause problems down the road, what can I do?

    What causes this?

  • Credit Card Reconciliation Problem

    I recently took over a set of books and have found that the last credit card reconciliation before year end was not completed. All the year end documents and adjusting entries have been completed. How should I proceed with completing this reconciliation;…

  • Join our Sage 50 Banking live online course happening October 10, 2019 to learn more about Sage Bank Feeds and more!

     This course is designed for customers who want to take full advantage of all the features available in the Banking module.

    You will learn how to create bank and cash accounts, to record deposit slips and transfers of funds, to reconcile bank and…

  • Reconciliation issues

    I went into the reconciliation screen to start the process for this month end, and a pop up came up as I was clicking through, which I accidentally hit enter to, and all my transaction (except two outstanding items)ba disappeared and I cannot get it to…

  • How to Delete a Bank Reconciliation? on sage50 Canada

    Help please,

    I am almost positive my Sage50 bank reconciliation has glitched in some way. I attempted to reconcile the account with my bank statement - everything matches up.

    I have the correct:
    statement start date;
    statement end date;
    statement end b…

  • Bank recs posted even though they were not correct

    I took over accounting from someone who clearly did not know what they were doing.  I have compared the G/L bank account with the bank statements, and having gone back 3 months now, the bank account closing balance in Sage is out by a large amount each…

  • Is there any way to display the journal entry number in the Reconciliation module?

    It would be very helpful to see the journal entry number on the Account Reconciliation page in addition to Source details.  Is it possible to add this option?

  • Statement end date

    I have two questions please ~ i understand that to do a reset on the bank reconciliation it tells me to back up as I will lose all my data.  It just does not tell me how much of the data is lost.  Is it from the initial setup for the account?  Is it only…

  • Can an uploaded bank transaction be left unmatched and still be able to reconcile bank statement?

    Can I still do the bank reconciliation with unmatched uploaded bank transactions? There is an amount in bank but i cannot match it as it is broken out in two journal entries in books. Match only allows exact amount as you can’t click it manually.…

  • First bank reconciliation with an opening bank balance


    I am working on a file and I am just starting the bank reconciliation. Year one was done by someone else and I can't get the sage file for it so I have a carry forward bank balance of 1303.02. How would I go about setting this up as a first time…