• New Year start

    I just started a new year in my accounting program and it jumped ahead to 2022-01-01 instead of 2021-01-01 how do I fix?

  • Back Error - Unable to open a file to be backed up

    Hello Fellow Sagers & Sagettes!

    I'm brand new to using Sage. I created a new 2021-2022 file and it has no data (File size 1KB). When I normally close Sage it back it up my 2020 - 2021 with no issues. 

    When I close sage under this new file I receive…

  • unable to restore back up files

    Hi, my computer crashed, was able to save files but can export to new computer?

  • Help! Error message: Sage 50 cannot open the database because some database files are read only....

    Error message reads: Sage 50 cannot open the database because some database files are read only.  Please ensure you have sufficient rights to the files, then try again.  This is posted when I try to open the program.  I installed it on Friday in a new computer…

  • administrator

    I have sage 50 premium 2019 . I can access the sample company but i can not access my company unless i use the administrator. it wasnt a problem for me until I sent a back up copy to my accountant . She is unable to open it and gets the same message as…

  • Sage 50 backup

    Hello guys.

    How are you?

    So I created a new company and then I wanted to open another company from a different back up file. However, when I was trying to open/restore the other company, it suddenly created a new back up file under this new company I…

  • How to restore from backup for Sage 50 Pro 2018 on new computer?

    So, my laptop got hacked, and I took it in to get cleaned out. It was taking forever for them to finish, so I bought a desktop in the meantime. I can't seem to be able to restore from backup on the new desktop. My laptop has Sage 50 Pro 2018 on it. I…

  • Automatic daily backups- multi user

    My automatic daily backup has never backed up for me, we use Sage 50 multi users, and the backup location ONLY is pointing to dropbox. I chose daily backup and found out i haven't backed up in months!! Any tips?


    Hello, I am installing sage on a new computer and once I restored my 2 clients from back up and try to go work on them I have to go look for my files.

    In my old computer Sage had both files in a drop down menu that I could have chosen the one I wanted…

  • File Sharing?

    I am using Sage 50 pro, I have it installed on more than 1 computer but only have 1 user. Can the backup I performed on my home computer (and saved locally) be somehow saved on the secondary computer without my knowledge?

    I am not signed up for Cloud…

  • Global Administrator required for Office 365 Cloud Backup???


    I'm looking into the documentation in implement the Office 365 Cloud Backup feature (link) and it says the user needs to be a Global Administrator.

    This requirement seems ridiculous to me, there is no way we can make any of our finance department…

  • Try to backup but it give message that file exceed 2GM max that sage can do.

    Try to backup but it give message that file exceed 2GM max that sage can do. whent to the file and i can see 2gb file called errolog.txt.

    what should i so ?


  • We don't have password to data

    Accountant passed on and we don't have password to data.  We have his laptop from the estate and I am wondering if there is a process to port the data out to our new accounting firm?


    Andrew Mac

    Dormani Group

  • Sauvegarder le fichier entreprise


    Je n'arrive plus à faire la sauvegarde de mon fichier d'entreprise. Voici le message: La sauvegarde de ce fichier d'entreprise dépasserait 2 go, ce qui est supérieur à la taille maximale. Sage 50 ne peut pas créer la sauvegarde. Que faut-il faire…

  • Récupération d'une copie de sécurité

    Il m'est impossible de récupérer une copie de sécurité. J'ai le message d'erreur suivant. Impossible d'ouvrir le fichier…… Un fichier de donnée est manquant. Erreur en se connectant à une base de données.…

  • Lost data, need to make sure my backups are working properly

    So, after losing the transactions entered a few weeks ago, and being unable to restore them I need to know how best to backup my data properly to ensure I don't lose any more data.

    What is a normal routine for making sure I don't lose data? I have…

  • Am unable to open company file or restore backup after installing latest Microsoft update.

    Chat was useless and the 1-888 number is "expecting a higher than expected call volume and does not have any available agents". Any guidance would be appreciated.

  • Sage50ca Cloud - Cloud data file not current - how to update?

    We have 2 users on Sage50ca sharing via the Cloud service.  The recent system outage prevented both users from accessing the shared file however we did have a current backup.  We switched User 2 to single user mode / not sharing and continued to work for…

  • microsoft 365 is not uploading

    365 SOMETIMES creates a backup and other times does not. I have disconnected then connected again, go through all the prompts and still no current backup when i log onto office.com

    what the heck am i doing wrong??

  • Back ups

    Hello, since updating Sage 50 about a month ago I am unable to back up either of my companies. When I switch to single user mode and start the backup all it does is sits there for a minute and then disappears and closes Sage! I have tried backing up to…

  • How to move datebase from server to local computer?

    Our database is stored on the server, and there is  "connction manager" on the server. However, we are changing new computer, and want to move data to a new computer(local) and not use server any more. Can I just copy the company's file from server to…

  • The sage manager says it is running but not on the computer where I stored my data.

    We did just update from Windows 7 to Windows 10. 

  • The file owner has stopped sharing this company

    I tried to log into my Sage drive file today, but received the error message: "You cannot open the selected company. The file owner/creator has stopped sharing this company". I must have stopped sharing it without realizing it. Is there a way to retrieve…

  • backup file size doubling & conflicting files in .SAJ folder


    I have been  using  version 2017 accounting 50 . I recently installed version 2019 accounting 50 and converted the data. I found when I backup my computer at closing, the size of the cabinet file is doubling, but I only entered 80 entries.I am wondering…

  • backup file size doubling


    I recently update my accounting 50 2019 version. I found when I backup my company at closing , the size of the cabinet file is doubling, but I only entered 80 entries. I am wondering if it will doubling forever..... . Please help me to find out what…