• Error code

    I am just finishing entering in history mode. I installed Microsoft 365 business and integrated with Sage. OneDrive synced with my files, so when I tried to open Sage again, it didn’t work, throwing an error code that couldn’t find files (I assume because…

  • Issues backing up Sage 50 Premium 2019

    I'm am currently trying to back up my Sage 50 so i can go into the next year. When I try and create a backup, I get an error stating Sage Cannot back up over 2gb. Is there a way to fix this? 

  • Can not open last company files


    I'm somewhat desperate and trying to access my company files.

    I'm on Windows 10. and company records are stored in an external hard drive.

    The last time I worked on the files was about 10 days ago.

    I tried restoring from Backup but the message…

  • is there a cloud in Sage 50

    hey all
    i want to purchase sage 50 , but i was wondering if there is a cloud tthat keeps all of our data backed up , in case if we change the machine can we still access our business and clients database from another machine using the cloud ?
    and how many…

  • New Company year

    Hi there, 

    I was going to open a new company year, but I accidentally did the process twice and I opened another new year again. Is there any method that I can closed it?


  • "Save as"

    I am having a lot of trouble trying to us the "Save as" option. I always says  "Operation failed" I have tried to save it to hard drives, flash drives and the  C drive but no luck. I have a new computer with W10 and the newest version…