• Automatic daily backups- multi user

    My automatic daily backup has never backed up for me, we use Sage 50 multi users, and the backup location ONLY is pointing to dropbox. I chose daily backup and found out i haven't backed up in months!! Any tips?

  • Lost data, need to make sure my backups are working properly

    So, after losing the transactions entered a few weeks ago, and being unable to restore them I need to know how best to backup my data properly to ensure I don't lose any more data.

    What is a normal routine for making sure I don't lose data? I have…

  • Sage50ca Cloud - Cloud data file not current - how to update?

    We have 2 users on Sage50ca sharing via the Cloud service.  The recent system outage prevented both users from accessing the shared file however we did have a current backup.  We switched User 2 to single user mode / not sharing and continued to work for…