• Sage Drive

    I used to use Sage Drive to share access with the accountant, now I cannot add the updated backup to the Drive. Do I have to set up a new user directly in SAGE 50 Can. Ed.? I also used to use the Drive as an extra backup location, but I can no longer…

  • Error code

    I am just finishing entering in history mode. I installed Microsoft 365 business and integrated with Sage. OneDrive synced with my files, so when I tried to open Sage again, it didn’t work, throwing an error code that couldn’t find files (I assume because…

  • Automatic daily backups- multi user

    My automatic daily backup has never backed up for me, we use Sage 50 multi users, and the backup location ONLY is pointing to dropbox. I chose daily backup and found out i haven't backed up in months!! Any tips?

  • Try to backup but it give message that file exceed 2GM max that sage can do.

    Try to backup but it give message that file exceed 2GM max that sage can do. whent to the file and i can see 2gb file called errolog.txt.

    what should i so ?


  • Sage50ca Cloud - Cloud data file not current - how to update?

    We have 2 users on Sage50ca sharing via the Cloud service.  The recent system outage prevented both users from accessing the shared file however we did have a current backup.  We switched User 2 to single user mode / not sharing and continued to work for…

  • Missing Payroll Transactions - before 2016

    I am missing payroll transactions prior to April 1, 2016.  They used to be in our system and now are gone after updating. Any suggestions short of restoring from an old back up to be able to look for transactions prior to 2016 and then restoring again…

  • cloud backup failed

    I downloaded Sage 2020.1 in December.  Once I did that I have not been able to backup to the Cloud.  How do I get it working again?



  • Can not open last company files


    I'm somewhat desperate and trying to access my company files.

    I'm on Windows 10. and company records are stored in an external hard drive.

    The last time I worked on the files was about 10 days ago.

    I tried restoring from Backup but the message…