• Back ups

    Hello, since updating Sage 50 about a month ago I am unable to back up either of my companies. When I switch to single user mode and start the backup all it does is sits there for a minute and then disappears and closes Sage! I have tried backing up to…

  • Can not open last company files


    I'm somewhat desperate and trying to access my company files.

    I'm on Windows 10. and company records are stored in an external hard drive.

    The last time I worked on the files was about 10 days ago.

    I tried restoring from Backup but the message…

  • Issue creating new year

    Hi, I just started a new year and got this message "the program is about to clear old data from the system. Do you want to clear this data? Should I say yes or no?

    I have backed up already

  • UNABLE TO BACK UP & and the system will shows system has been stopped working when i click into the payment journal (Simply Accounting Pro)

    not able to back up

    I am not able to back up my entries.

    Been forced to close program when i click into the payment journal

    and when i click into the payment journal, it states that the software has been stopped working and forced to close program. 

  • is there a cloud in Sage 50

    hey all
    i want to purchase sage 50 , but i was wondering if there is a cloud tthat keeps all of our data backed up , in case if we change the machine can we still access our business and clients database from another machine using the cloud ?
    and how many…

  • missing data file


    I recently had to uninstall and reinstall Sage 50 Pro 2013, as per advice I received through Sage City's discussion forum.

    Since I have reinstalled, I'm not able to open my company file or restore from my backup.  I keep getting messages…