• Adding 'COD' on an Invoice

    Hello, I understand that SAGE can have a 'PAID' stamp on an invoice.

    What about a 'COD' stamp? Is that possible? Or does that have to be written in a customized invoice?




  • Copy invoices without recurring


    Is there oppotunity inSage to copy invoices / purchases / journal entries from the previous ones without setting recurring option?

    I make a lot of similar invoices/purchases where I want to change only customer/supplier or only amount, how can…

  • User Customize Invoice Rights in Sage 50 Quantum.

    I made a custom invoice (printout) I want all users to access, but can only access it through ‘Admin’ logon.

    I cannot even change the invoice display onscreen for other users. Customize is greyed out.

    I set up seven users for Quantum Sage…

  • Adding Units to Invoices (Packages)

    Hello, is it possible to add extra unit definitions to an invoice?

    Specifically, meat is sold by the kg.

    However, it is delivered by the case or the piece. The receiver sees two cases and a piece of meat (in a bag) and signs for those three items.


  • Interest calculated on past due accounts seem high

    Client is charging 2% interest on overdue accounts.  Sage says 422.54 in interest on the following invoices - on the 15th-day interest starts, ( not doing statements until Dec 31, so used Dec 31 as end of statement date).   I thought it was high, so calculated…

  • 3% Environmental Fees


    I am wondering if there is a way to add a 3% fee to invoices that would automatically be calculated on an amount, similar to HST. I considered setting it up as a sales tax of sorts, however, from what I understand, you cannot have two tax codes…

  • File name changes


    When I send an invoice and check my sent items the file has a date attached and I am wondering how to change the date.

    All my sent invoices are dated April 2nd in the file name.

    Any ideas?



  • Give an employee loan to another company.

    An employee borrowed money from Company A. Company A wants to give that asset to Company B. What entries do both companies make to record the transaction properly?

  • Don't miss out on our new Sage 50 Receivables and Sage 50 Payables live online classes I October 9, 2019


    This course is designed for customers who want to learn how to configure the Receivables module and set up customers in Sage 50. You will learn how to record various sales transactions, collect customer payments, and use reports and statements…

  • 10% Hold Back

    I have a client that we have been billing now for about 1.5 years and they are holding 10% back from invoicing. The way the billing has been done by a previous book keeper was just doing it as a receivable and leaving the amount to go over 91+ days. My…

  • Stripe payments no longer upload

    Anyone else having an issue with Stripe payments not uploading?  Since the last payroll update, my stripe payments no longer automatically upload when I open Sage and when I go in to my settings, the button that I had checked off for "automatically refresh…

  • Journal entry flow when invoicing, and receiving funds through our stripe account.


    I have just linked our Stripe account with our Sage software.  Before I begin using this feature I would like to make sure I have it set up correctly and that I know what the flow of Journal entries will be.  

    When I create an invoice through the receivables…

  • Receiving online payment with fees - pros & cons

    I'm new to the online payment receipt in the AR, i'm looking for the pros and cons to using this in the receivable module.

  • EFT file for PAD - Incorrect Totals

    Good day,

    I am trying to decipher an issue with the EFT file for Pre-Authorized Debits. On the first of each month, fees are automatically deducted from a residents bank account. Often times, additional amounts owing are included to allow easier payment…

  • A/R 1200 Control Account

    Hello I have a novice question.... but it is really holding up my production. When I issue an invoice in "Revenues" and then a "Receipt" when payment is made, is that payment automatically linked to the1200 A/R Control Account in the COA? I am carrying…

  • History mode

    Hi all,

    I'm entering historical A/R entries into Sage 50 and have entered up to December 31 2018 (Year end is July 31 ). Now when I have tried to enter more historical entries into January 2019 it will not let me go past Dec 31, 2018. I entered into a…


    This has happened a few times now and I don't know why. I have a sales invoice open and entering items. Then the column will turn blue and I can not open item numbers or change them. It is like they are locked. Any idea what is happening?

  • Info entered in Message area on Quote form disappears in the conversion to Invoice form

    For 20+ years my company has used Sage/Simply Accounting. Like many businesses, when we do a quote for a customer we are given a reference that may be a purchase order number or a name. We enter that information in the ‘message’ box of the quote form…
  • Posting to Accounts Receivable/Payable

    Somehow my Accounts Payable and Receivable are out of balance to my sub ledgers.  The auditors have asked me to post an entry to get them back into balance.

    Sage won't let me post to these accounts.  I assume (hope) it's because of the way the account…

  • The amounts of historical invoices are not showing up

    The amounts of historical invoices are not showing up.  I was setting a new company. I did put in all historical invoices for customers subledger and vendor sub-ledger. They are showing on the balance owing, but they are not showing  in the balance

  • Not and Order and Not an Invoice

    I seem to have lost a Sales Order/Invoice.  Can you help me recover it?

    When I search for Invoiced Orders, it shows on the list:

    When I search for Sales Invoices, it is not on the list

    It's also not on any Receivable Reports

    When I open the Order…

  • Group Clients By Departments - Client Aged Report

    I bookkeep for a company that has two stores under one entity and I use departments to split up the sales, expenses, etc. I am trying to figure out if it is possible to split up my accounts receivables and payables using departments as well. When I go…

  • 2 exercices différentes, est-ce possible ?

    J'aimerais avoir accès à 2018 ET 2019. Est-ce possible?

    C'est-à-dire que j'aimerais pouvoir facturé en 2018 et en 2019. Encaisser en 2018 et en 2019. Ainsi que faire les paies de 2018-2019.

    Je peux commencer une…

  • HST - Accounts Receivable - Ship to locations = diff tax rates

    Some of our Canadian Customer have one Head Office - say Toronto.  Across Canada there are multiple ship to location.  Due to the different HST rates I have to create several Customers due to the tax code being different.  Suggestion would be to have the…