• Convert Multiple Sales quotes to One Sales Invoice

    There are cases, where multiples sales quotes are sent to a client in a short amount of time and when it comes time to invoicing, I can only convert one of those into a sales invoice. Which means that the sales quote will sit in the quotes section forever…


    This has happened a few times now and I don't know why. I have a sales invoice open and entering items. Then the column will turn blue and I can not open item numbers or change them. It is like they are locked. Any idea what is happening?

  • Not and Order and Not an Invoice

    I seem to have lost a Sales Order/Invoice.  Can you help me recover it?

    When I search for Invoiced Orders, it shows on the list:

    When I search for Sales Invoices, it is not on the list

    It's also not on any Receivable Reports

    When I open the Order…