• Name of table with payments from customers.

    Hi everyone  

    Can anyone tell me the name of the table containing payments from clients in Sage 50 Canadian Edition? We are doing an integration with our CRM and are missing this information  

    Thank you  

  • Stripe payments no longer upload

    Anyone else having an issue with Stripe payments not uploading?  Since the last payroll update, my stripe payments no longer automatically upload when I open Sage and when I go in to my settings, the button that I had checked off for "automatically refresh…

  • Receiving online payment with fees - pros & cons

    I'm new to the online payment receipt in the AR, i'm looking for the pros and cons to using this in the receivable module.

  • Customer Receipt Type Default Settings

    With the installation of 2017, customer records now auto default a payment type and I find this to be a problem.  This is a problem because the user cannot set this default to what is most common to their business.  It is a shame that there is no global default…

  • Refund overpayment to client.

    How do I issue a refund to client client who has overpaid?  Cheque was deposited and overpayment was posted as a deposit.

  • Attach a Customer's outstanding invoice/previous balance to new invoice with additional charges.


    I am wondering what the proper way is to attach a Customer's previous amount owing/invoice to a new invoice with additional items so I am only sending one new invoice with the total amount owing?



  • Paid sales invoices reversed just in GL


    I cannot figure out how 2 receivable JEs got reversed only in GL. The invoices are still there in the Sales Journal and have a payment recorded again them. In fact the payment was applied to 6 invoices and none of the invoices were reversed. There is…

  • Deferred/Unearned Revenue

    I need some help with recording deferred/unearned revenue in Sage.  Does anyone have experience with this function in Sage?  The customary way does not seem to work in Sage, so I need to know how others have recorded it.

    Please help!

    Thank you.