Under Review

Allow default email templates to be changed in multi-user mode

We run a business that sends out electronic invoices for quite a few different products. We recently had to hire a new employee for which the bulk of their job is sending out electronic invoices/statements/etc. She will send out invoices for numerous different products every day. Because she cannot change the default email template for invoices without going into single-user mode, she has to use a generic email template that basically says 'You have bought one of our products. Here is your invoice.' We have recently discovered that quite a few clients are not even opening the attached invoice as they don't know exactly what it is for and think it could be a virus. For her to change the body of each email would be way too time consuming as she sends out hundreds of invoices daily and for her to change the default email for invoices template for each product group she is invoicing would entail the rest of the user signing off and closing the software so that she could switch to single-user mode, change the template and have everyone else start up again and continue their work.

Vendor lists, client lists, plus a lot of other things can be changed while in multi-user mode - things like default emails should be as well. This issue is seriously making me reconsider which accounting software we use at my business. Thanks!