• Automatic Decimal Entry

    • Under Review on 19 Jun 2013
    Have the option to set the decimal to insert automatically before the last digits entered. Quite frankly - this is the first accounting program I have used that doesn't have this option.....
    • 19 Jun 2013 11:24 AM
  • Saving invoices in pdf

    • Under Review on 3 Jan 2014
    It would be so, SO nice if we could simply have a button to save Sales order or Invoices (and other), in pdf. Very useful for sending it to customer as attachment of our usual emailing system instead of sending it absolutely via Sage. For now 2 years...
    • 3 Jan 2014 11:42 AM
  • email multiple people

    • Under Review on 13 Jul 2015
    I would like the ability to store and email multiple people at the same time when I send off quotes, invoices, etc.
    • 13 Jul 2015 9:10 AM
  • Bland Display - Bring Back Color

    • Under Review on 4 Feb 2016
    Hate the bland color and blue icons. Please bring back color. I work on and have open minimum 3 sets of books daily--I have preset background colors in all the journals so each company is color coded (when I open a journal)--would love to have a backgound...
    • 4 Feb 2016 10:33 AM
  • Graphs an important tool lost

    • Under Review on 2 Dec 2015
    You can't manage what you can't measure. The graphs tools was something I used daily. It was easy to use and understand. trying to explain things to my partner in a way he can grasp is difficult but the visual pop of the graphs Is a visual element he...
    • 2 Dec 2015 11:17 AM
  • Hotkeys for Inserting or Removing lines

    • Under Review on 19 Sep 2013
    Particularly in invoicing, I often need to insert several lines. I'd appreciate having a Ctrl+something to do it with, as mousing to menu, insert line, menu, insert line, menu, insert line is tedious to put it mildly.
    • 19 Sep 2013 11:04 AM
  • Allow A Longer List of Shortcuts

    • Under Review on 5 Nov 2012
    Remove the restriction on the number of Shortcuts I can have on the home/dashboard menu. Use a scroll bar if users enter a lot of them. The restriction seem arbitrary and frustrating.
    • 5 Nov 2012 10:07 AM
  • Allow Customization of Dashboard Widgets

    • Under Review on 5 Nov 2012
    I would like to remove un-needed widgets from my dashboard - such as Revenue vs Payroll (I do not use payroll), or to customize the widgets (ex. which accounts are listed on the Account Balances widgets.
    • 5 Nov 2012 10:05 AM
  • emails

    • Under Review on 16 Oct 2015
    • 1 Comment
    We would like to do our complete written conversation with our customers and/or vendors in a "corporate identity manner". That of course means that our company logo and our address line should appear in the same way as it appears on our emails been sent...
    • 16 Oct 2015 2:24 PM
  • Longer user passwords

    • Under Review on 30 Sep 2013
    Their should not be a 7 character maximum for user passwords for multi-user mode. Remove the cap or enlarge the cap so that people don't need to cut their passwords short. As otherwise it will cause security issues, shorter passwords have less combinations...
    • 30 Sep 2013 3:22 PM