Tax code for GST included that accounts for the PST

We pay PST on purchases but are not registered to remit PST so it becomes part of our cost, so using the tax code for PST GST does not work for us.

So the fastest and easiest way for me to enter invoices right now is to put in the total cost of the invoice using the GST included tax code and then change the GST to the proper amount.

(Because most of the invoices also have PST on them).

It would be nice if there was another tax code to account for this as I'm sure many others are in the same position. If there was a code that could factor in being charged PST but only extrapolate the GST out of it, leaving the PST as part of the cost.

  • You don't need a new feature for this.  You just need to set up a tax code for yourself.  Assuming you're in BC, with GST at 5% and PST at 7%, then a $100 pretax cost with PST and GST will give a $112 tax-included cost, $5 of which is recoverable GST.  $107 is expense.  So, if you set up a code with a GST rate of 5/107 = 4.673%, the actual recoverable GST should be calculated for you automatically.