Employer Health Tax


I came across a problem with your EHT. I put in the percentage for 2019 that the Gov requires from our company. When doing year end (Nov 30) I noticed the amount which was in the account was different then what was required for us to pay. I spoke to someone in support and they weren't able to assist with the problem because there isn't a place to put in our deductible amount. Your system calculates from the beginning of the year. Most companies have a deductible(varies depending on the amount of payroll) which your program doesn't allow for. This has really caused a discrepancy in the EHT accounts.

Is there a way that you can add a place in the setup where companies can put their Government regulated deductible in, so the EHT account will properly generate the amount of money owing to the Minister of Finance?

Is there anyone else who ran into this same situation and may have an idea what General entry would be best to move the excess money that shouldn't have been put into the EHT account?

Thank you,