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Descriptions on GL Reports

We go to the trouble of entering the descriptions of what we are purchasing in Accounts Payable and also what we bill out in Accounts Receivable. I know it is very convenient to drill down to the source on the computer but when we run GL reports for Management it only prints the vendor/customer names, it however, does not show the descriptions that we manually enter such as "paper towels, toilet paper, sugar" etc. Management would like to see the descriptions of the items purchased on the GL reports we provide to them because a lot of them do not access the Sage program to drill down. Nor do they have the time. This feature would also be very helpful so we can see multiple descriptions we have entered to ensure we have entered the proper descriptions. Doing it one by one by drilling down takes forever. A solution to this would be time-saving and happy bosses!
  • The way to see the unique descriptions for Purchase and Sales invoices is to enter the details under the "Comment" field at the bottom of the Payments Journal and Receipts Journal windows.  The "Item Description" that you type when entering invoices will unfortunately not appear on reports, so you have to copy this description into the "Comment" field , when you either pay the invoice, or enter the receipt of payment.

  • If I understand 'Admin' corectly, you're asking for:

    - access to the 'Comment' line of Purchase invoices that is similar to what is on the 'Comment' line of a Sales Invoice.  (I've also asked for this, there's an empty 'Comment' field stored with each purchase invoice in the database)

    - You would also like to be able to print the invoice comment lines on reports.  (This is also reasonable, I routinely do this when building Access or LibreOffice reports from Sage 50 data).  The sales invoice comment is stored in the invoice table, while the G/J comments are stored in the Journal Entry table.  So it would be more difficult, but it would be do-able.


    The original poster was asking to see a GJ report with each detail line entered on each invoice.  That's do-able, but fairly difficult, since there could be more than one invoice line for each G/L account total, and the data is spread over multiple tables that aren't directly connected.  The modules in Sage 50 are separated.  Probably so they can be implemented singly in Historical Entry mode, and purged separately if desired.  What the Original Poster is asking for can be fairly easily done in Access / LibreOffice / probably in Crystal Reports.  If anyone needs such a thing, please post in the Support forum.  

    P.S. I don't work for Sage.

  • The General Ledger Report allows you to print the 'Comment' entered for a line item in a General Journal entry, rather than the default 'Source Comment' which takes care of getting descriptions for those types of entries. We use this type of entry for clearing Expenses paid on payroll runs. One journal entry with multiple line items charging expenses to the various GL accounts, along with a nice brief description that displays on the GL Report.

    The problem remains for Invoice / Credit Card (Purchases)line items - the GL report prints either the Vendor name or Invoice #/Vendor name in the Comment field of the report.

    If the GL Report options can be adjusted for General Journal entries, why can't the same option be available for Purchase entries?

    Please fix this Sage!

  • Something often lost by software providers.  You are a tool to help us do our job.  We are not interested in 'doing it right' according to you, or having 'learning opportunities' on how to make software 'do it right'.  We just want to see what information we put into a transaction, for cripessakes, we don't need to create a whole inventory for office supplies.  And, because my issue isn't the 'what' was purchased/sold but the 'who' it was purchased/sold for, that wouldn't work for me anyway.  And don't suggest "projects" for over 11,000 different people.

  • If you enter a line item description on a G/L entry, it will show on a G/L report.

    You could have dozens of invoice line items that sum up to one GL account, so only one journal entry line.  How does QuickBooks react to that?