• Descriptions on GL Reports

    • Under Review
    We go to the trouble of entering the descriptions of what we are purchasing in Accounts Payable and also what we bill out in Accounts Receivable. I know it is very convenient to drill down to the source on the computer but when we run GL reports for Management...
  • Project Reports

    • Under Review
    When you run Project Reports for an individual Project, it gives you a total line. If you run a range of Projects Report, it totals each project however it would be great if at the bottom of the report it would total ALL Projects with a Grand Total together...
  • Add customized columns to reports

    • Under Review
    I currently have two issues where I'd like to add specific items to specific reports, but those columns are not selected by the people at Sage as being possible for that report. I would like a way to set my own report column choices, such as "additional...
  • Income Statement and Balance Sheet

    • Under Review
    I recommend with future updates that you can choose to have account numbers showing on income statement and Balance Sheet. This option is already available on the US Sage 50. It would be beneficial to add this option to the Canadian Sage 50. Thank you...
  • Inventory

    • Under Review
    I would like to be able to filter out items with a zero quantity to be excluded from the printed report.. I just want a printed report of actual inventory quantity not a list of all the inventory we have ever had!!
  • Payment Detail Report

    • Under Review
    Every month I make a bunch of payments to our suppliers. Each supplier is rarely paid 1 invoice, but multiple invoices in one transaction. I would like to be able to print a report that shows all the invoices included in the 1 payment that was made. Example...
  • Sorting Reports

    • Under Review
    To be able to sort all the columns on all the reports, just not a selected few reports. Only option is to export them into excel.
  • Reports from prior fiscal years

    • Under Review
    • 1 Comment
    I would like to have the ability to see reports from prior fiscal years just by changing the date, without having to "Modify" first.
  • Project income/loss

    • Under Review
    • 1 Comment
    It would be good to be able to obtain income/loss information on projects which were completed before the 2 year window which is available now. Some of our clients have asked us for income/loss information on projects we have done for them and cannot...
  • A Module's Additional Information Boxes

    • Under Review
    A Module's Additional Information Boxes (Field1, Field2, Field3, Field4, Field5) should be part of the columns available under the “Custom Report column setting” FOR ALL REPORTS under the module. This is applicable to all modules