Under Review

General Accounting / Cost Analyst

When creating a purchase order for inventory items being ordered for a specific project/job, there needs to be the ability to order for MULTIPLE projects/job at this level. We would like to make use of THE PROJECT ALLOCATED ORDERS BY INVENTORY ITEM REPORT. As it is designed now Simply forces us to create 10 different purchase orders of the same inventory item that need to be costed to 10 different project/jobs. This can ONLY be done at the invoice level but then we cannot get the "inventory" detail by project/job.
  • "you can create a po for 4 widgets

    when you convert the po to an invoice, you can receive 3 against project A, set back order to 0

      add a 2nd line, same item, qty 1, project B

    the invoice will match what was ordered

    or your po can have 2 lines with the same item, qty 3 and 1 - which convert to a 2 line invoice, allocated to different projects"