Under Review

Allow Project Allocations to Payments and Receipts.

SA 50 Quantum 2014.2 Sometimes, tracking of a project means keeping track of the payment status. For example, a contractor may have multiple customer / client projects in progress, that could have different contacts or departments responsible for payment. There could be a payment held up on one project while others are being paid. Being able to track payments in relation to projects would be helpful, even the ability to track transactions in and out of the Accounts Receivable G/L account would be enough.
  • I think your comment could be a good topic for a new suggestion item all on its own.  My suggestion above is specifically about allocating AR and AP payments.

  • When allocating a project to a time slip it would be helpful if the list of projects could be filtered by project status (Pending, In Progress, Cancelled, Completed). this would reduce the number of projects to select from and speed up time slip entry. It would be nice to be able to select which status to make as the default too although; the most useful would likely be for In Progress.