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Vacation Payable Balances

I have worked with Simply Accounting since 2001 and I have yet to find a report that tracks employee vacation payable balances. When attempting to reconcile the individual employee vacation amounts owing to the year end vacation payable balance, it is cumbersome to say the least and extremely frustrating and time consuming to do the reconciliation. With the power this program has why does it still entail so much research and background report generating and restoring previous year information to get these values? Surely I am not the only one to find this most frustrating and time consuming!!
  • Not only a report - but on the home screen, include the vacation pay balances with the existing YTD columns.  I personally don't care what someone's YTD deductions total is, but I certainly care what the vacation owed balance is!

  • I have been using the program for many years and, I agree, this is very frustrating.  I have used many of the methods described above.  I would love to be able to produce a report that lists the vacation payable, per employee, at any specific time which reconciles with the trial balance amount.  This would save me a lot of time and headaches.

  • definitely should be added another time saver suggestion

  • Go to reports, payroll, employee.  Choose ""custom reporting column settings"".  Look in the left-hand column for ""report Columns"" - scroll down in the Column Name for ""Vacation Paid"" and ""Vacation Earned"".

    When I am trying to reconcile vacation paid account (and employee loans/advances), I export the employee list (including all inactive employees) into Excel with their name and date of hire & termination (which may not be filled in).  Then I set all employees to active, pretend I am paying them a paycheque and manually record any monies owed to or from each employee on my spreadsheet.  The inactive employees have to be reset to being inactive once all my information has balanced.  Watch that you are not accruing any new vacation pay for this ""pretend"" payroll.  Is this a lot of work?  Absolutely!

  • Can you please tell me what version of the program you are using that shows VP 'Owed'?

    I am using Sage 50 Canadian Premium Edition at this field does not show as one of my column selections???