Calculate bonus amount correctly on pay with regular salary and bonus payment

Currently Sage does not have the ability to calculate bonus amounts paid using the bonus method.  In a payroll of over 40 people - when 20 have a bonus payment or payments in the year, it calculates the bonus as if it is just another income amount and the result is a much higher withholding of tax.

Perhaps instead of only one setting just being income...there should be another setting for "bonus income".

When using the payroll cheque run feature - you cannot include those individuals in that cheque run because taxes, cpp, ei cannot be overwitten manually.  Why not?  If you can overwrite it in the paycheques, you should have the same ability in the payroll cheque run.  Doesn't make sense that you would have to prepare bonuses individually so that you can overwrite the tax etc, to the correct amount.  You should be able to include the bonus payment in the cheque run and have the bonus amount calculated using the bonus method.

EXTREMELY inefficient.