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over 7 years ago

Font Size

How is it that the only way you can change the font size in Simply Accounting (via: Windows) is to change the screen resolution? Why would you make the default font size so small? Now to make Simply a usable program, all of my other applications are also increased. I cannot be the only user who is unhappy that it affects my entire computer instead of just allowing the user to change the font size in Simply? It seems like such a necessary thing, I am surprised it was overlooked in the creation of this program in the first place. PLEASE under the User Preferences have a tab that allows a person to change the font size in Simply.
  • This has been going on for years.  It appears no one is listening.  At the very least give us the option like Microsoft has to increase or decrease the font size to make it more readable and user friendly without compromising other programs we may be using.....  Frustrating that no one is listening over the years.

  • I've never liked most graphical user interfaces.  For ""heads down"" accounting data entry they are as awkward, slow, inappropriate, pretty, and useless as the Art History majors that designed them.

    But since we're stuck with them, look for a large, digital flat screen TV.   A cheaper 720P ones are low enough resolution to display 8 point fonts.  

    If you have one at home, get a big ol' 4K resolution one for the Xbox, and repurpose the old TV to the accounting lair.

  • I can't use this at all. I've got several levels of reading glasses here - this is an emergency and needs to be fixed immediately. We've paid for this service

  • @Roger L  - You are probably right.  On the other hand, they have had years to get around to this, and it is about time they at least started working on it.  If they had time to add 'enhanced view' as an option to 'classic view', surely they had time to fix this very large problem in both views!

  • Of the 8 people in our office who use Simply routinely, 7 have trouble with the font size.  Note also that the non-ideal solution 'just increase the font size for absolutely everything on your computer' DOES make it difficult to use all your other programs but DOES NOT actually solve the Simply font problem in all screens because Simply has allocated a fixed amount of physical space, rather than a certain # of characters, for some items in some screens.  This means that the larger font size actually makes some Simply screens harder to read, because of labels displaying on top of one another or certain boxes not having room to display at all.