Payroll Vacation % setting - how can we track The Year employee started - while ROE is incorporated in employee Hire Date

In Ontario, minimum requirement for Vacation pay % is different for employee who works less than 5 years and over 5 years.

Can we have another column in Payroll Ledger - Employee?

There are "Hire Date" and "Terminate" currently.

When we use Bulk File Transfer for ROE web, we need to use "Hire Date" as Date started to work most recently after the previous ROE.

If we have "Hire Date" and "Terminate", and also "Start Date", and if the Bulk File Transfer can take "Start Date" and "Terminate date",

We can prepare ROE in a second, and at the same time, we can review proper Vacation Pay % on each employees.

Now, I am using "Memo" in the Employee's ledger.

But I skipped putting the Hire Date info to Memo for so many employees.

Covid time was hard, too many extra work, and too many ROE to file not just one time, but multiple times.

It is nightmare for me go through about 1000 employee files by the end of this year.

I want Sage Software to be little more kind to us.