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Inactivating a G/L account

I would like to be able to inactivate an account so that no other charges get charged to it by error (and not have to wait for 2 years to do this)???
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    Part of the problem is that the time slips have info that hasn't been recorded as revenues or expenses yet.

  • I Agree with you on this one as long as Sage remembers to allow these accounts to still be included in reports.

  • along with the inactive flag, we need a do-not-post flag - making the account un-selectable in all transactions

    sage knows how to make unselectable accounts- they do it now with linked accounts

  • Hi, what I do is change the name slightly in the modification so you know it is an account you do not want people to use.  I change it by adding about 5 stars in front of the name and when someone goes to use the account they will see a difference.  If it is an old account I have again put stars in front of the name but changed the name to "DO NOT USE".  Not as ideal as making it inactive but it helps.

  • Usually a GL account can be set as inactive after you have switched to a new year, provided there is no balance in it

    In order to make an account inactive, it must have no activity or balance in the current or prior year.  There used to be a report that would show which accounts can be made inactive, but it was a *Crystal* report and is now gone.