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Project Listing in G/L Entry

When performing journal entries in the G/L, we have several expense line items and each with their own Project that they are being allocated. Once and expense is allocated to a Project (at 100%), I would LOVE to see the Project Name on the line next to the Expense Account rather than a CHECK MARK, which is useless to me. I would like my users to be able to review at a glance before posting the j/e, all the projects they have selected. Again, the check mark is useless information. The Sales journal currently presents the information I am requesting, so please extend this to the G/L. Thank you.
  • I agree it is useless to see the check mark without the details.  It would be preferable to catch input errors before they are made.  We added columns for project amounts and project name to our "All Transactions Display" report and print it in landscape to verify project information entered after the fact which helps somewhat.

  • Would you say that "Make project entry in the G/L work like the Project Entry in Purchase and Sales invoices" is what you want?  

    If so, I'm in.