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More than 2 years open at once ... please!!!!

Sage 50 really needs to allow more than just current and prior years open. PLEASE!!!!!
  • I agree.  More than just the prior year would be fabulous.  Other software programs offer this capability as long as they have a password for closed prior year-end(s) it should not be a problem.  

  • If your work is done you can close the year.  Once the year end entries are prepared enter all the balance sheet entries for the first day of the earliest fiscal year you have open and just use retained earnings for any income statement accounts.  If you're still working on an old year it might be easier to make a copy to finish your working adjustments digest the journal entries and use the same method as I suggest for posting the year end entries well after the fact.  I've been in the same position...it works.

  • Sage should be able to make software changes to enter data into years other than the current and prior years.  There are year end total tables for most transaction tables, up to 99 years of history in some Editions.  

    It would be a fairly major undertaking, especially to test, but wouldn't be a source of significant new revenue, and I doubt it would slow the exodus of their user base.

    I would imagine the reason to not implement that capability was that they didn't consider it to be a 'normal' business situation.  Sage did add the capability to enter payroll transactions into an upcoming fiscal year, so one could work on 2013 and 2014 while entering payroll into 2015.  

  • The reason more than 2 years open at a time is becasue some clients do not have the books/corporate taxes up to date.  Therefore, I have to be in the current year to process payroll but have to start working 3 years past to catch up to the current year.  PLEASE allow this change!

  • HI you can actually add information in the old year after you have a new year open.  You just have to date everything with an old year date. This is allowed as long as you have the allow transactions date set back to where you want to enter. Then it will go into the proper year.